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By attacking that separation of church state doctrine they have opened the door to
of the constitution to occur with impunity. It allows the humiliation of Malays and Islam...
There is a belief that the White Man brought the idea of constitutional governmen...
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Multiracialism in Malaysia


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Comment taken from Tun Dr Mahathir's blog www.chedet.cc

How the Malays, despite being natives of Malaysia, are fast losing their homeland to Chinese immigrants. Download PDF: www.malaysia.site11.com/politics/multiracialism-in-malaysia.pdf

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Multiracialism in Malaysia

  1. 1. www.scribd.com/Malaysia_Politics grkumarJanuary 29, 2014 at 6:36 AM | Permalink KEPALA SATU NAKHODA DUA - (Malay proverb) English equivalent: “One man cannot serve two masters, for he will either love the one or hate the other”. (Bible). When Fr. Lawrence Andrew was joined by Rev. Bishop Ng Moon Hing in defying a constitutional power of the government to injunct the use of the word Allah in the Christian bible, they brought into very sharp focus the fading doctrine of the separation of church and state (religion and government). They discarded the authority of the court of Appeal whose decision in the end upheld the government’s position. They challenged government’s authority over a secular nation in preference for dominance of a minority religious group over the majority of Malaysians, its Malays and Muslims. Two things have resulted from the provocation of the Christians of Malaysia. First, the legitimsing of non secular politics and by default in the second the rise and justification of the Islamization of Malaysia in the near future. What’s more disturbing in all of this is the spineless character of a government in power under the current PM. He endures vilification of his person and that of his wife by opposition in unsubstantiated attacks on his character and that of his wife, bringing the office of PM into disrepute. Emboldened by his silence they have advanced to attacking the constitutional authority of the government, the authority and power of the courts and replaced these with the religious authority of religion. In this case Christianity over all other forms of authority in Malaysia. Perhaps in a way Fr. Lawrence and Bishop Ng Moon Hing have to be thanked by the Malays and Muslims of Malaysia for demolishing that faded false doctrine of the separation of church and state. Religion and state cannot in their view be separate nor should it be any longer in a place like Malaysia. Religion in their view must prevail. But the vexed question of which religion in a democracy has yet to be answered. To them it is the authority of Christianity. To us as a majority it is Islam. But we have not forced our vision upon them. More disturbingly and by advancing theories on the ‘right to convert Muslims to Christianity and the provocative use of words like “Allah” long and exclusively the province of Muslims in Malaysia, they proffer theories that the conversion of Malays like Joy Aslina is a ‘right’ for them to exercise over us and over the constitutional conventions that prohibit such practices. And in doing so they gleefully rub the hurt in to a largely peaceful and tolerant Malay nation of Muslims, with a few upper class Malays in tow for legitimacy. Now they add a more disturbing element into it with “Allah is Great” (Allah hu Akbar), and “Jesus is the son of Allah”. The Najib government remains mute with weak promises of appeasing the minority belligerent Christians whilst allowing them to fan the flames of racial and religious intolerance. We may have now crossed that rubicon. 1
  2. 2. www.scribd.com/Malaysia_Politics By attacking that separation of church state doctrine they have opened the door to religion playing a part in the government of the day and being part of the politics of the nation. They have destroyed the long tolerated position of secularism we as Malays and Muslims have protected here in Malaysia. With Nurul Izzah and her husband now resorting to the Syariah Courts, the message is clear. Even the more liberal of Malay Muslims like Nurul and her royal husband submit to the authority of Syariah in Malaysia. Syariah and the Malay identity is the identity of the majority and in a democracy they seek it must prevail. The ‘opposition’ cannot have it both ways. We can’t allow them to either. Malaysia stands out as the odd man in all of south east Asia with its levels of tolerance for religion and culture of its minorities. In places like Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, Chinese settlers have long had to adopt local names, been prohibited from overtly displaying signs and symbols of their culture or their written language in public places, whilst Malaysia celebrated the freedom to do otherwise. It now appears that the tolerance of the Malays and their government all these years has been like the Arab and the camel in his tent. Gradually and discordantly minority groups have chipped away at all things Malay even claiming now unto themselves Tanah Melayu as theirs and the rights of Malays as custodians of their own land against all accepted internationally recognized norms. Their justification is that the Malays are outsiders (from the Malay Archipelago states of Indonesia and other places like Thailand). The Chinese backing for the “Orang Asli” long displaced by logging companies owned mainly by Chinese have suddenly become a cause celebre of the ‘opposition’ of fragmented foreign funded NGO’s and political parties whose main policy platform is to demolish anything and everything Malay, unless of course it has their stamp of approval. GOVERNMENT PARALYSIS Seperti tulis di atas air Whats occurring in our midst is not by any means covert. It is being done with great effect and damage to the nation and its Muslim Malay population under the nose of government. Ours is a government that pays lip service to its large rural population of Malays the majority and the original inhabitants of this land. It passes laws to dilute Malay rights, uphold Chinese and Indian grievances, pacify western bullies and reward the detached Malays lost in the urban sprawl. There was a time not so long ago when a Prime Minister made sure such intolerable provocations likely to result in racial strife and disruptions to the economy was nipped in the bud. The Chinese and Indians certainly did not like that. They were content to receive his government’s largesse in order to prosper beyond their wildest dreams but not to interfere with their plans for domination of the peninsula and east Malaysia. Today supported by a group of rich UMNO urban and urban middle class Malays who lend legitimacy to the desire of the Chinese to dominate Malaysia and its Malays, the government sits by idly claiming to be tolerant. It itself allows the precedent of breaches 2
  3. 3. www.scribd.com/Malaysia_Politics of the constitution to occur with impunity. It allows the humiliation of Malays and Islam at a time it has become fashionable to attack all things Muslim. UMNO in its present form has failed its Malay constituents. It is not unlike a time gone by when the Tengku sold us out. He was “Bapak Malaysia” to himself and the Chinese but “Bapak China” to the rest of the Malays. PERKASA AND THE MALAY REVIVAL “Raja Keadilan Penghulu sa Undang (Perkasa Sa Undang)” Perkasa may lack the Oxford Cambridge pedigree in its leaders, but they are honest, honourable men and women of Malay stock much more representative of the majority the Malays. They may be perceived as threatening and crude but what they lack in table manners they make up for in their cooking. What they lack in PR skills they make up for with their hearts and souls and their commitment to justice for a majority. Unless the Prime Minister and his government are prepared to crack down and crack down hard on breaches of the constitution by the Christians and the Chinese, the Malay people will likely take the initiative into their own hands and enforce what government won’t. We need leadership with spine, a will and the ability to lead. At present we have the son of a former Prime Minister who cannot even defend his wife’s integrity against attacks from the Bersih’s, the PKR’s, the DAP, members of the Malaysian Bar and the so called free bloggers in Malaysia. Most Malays do not blog because they are not computer savvy as the Chinese and Indians are. That does not mean that they have to suffer the consequences of the slander against their religion and race, culture and dignity by those who can navigate through technology. THE UNDIGNIFIED MALAY- A TIME TO ACT “Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian apa gunanya?” They pick on the weak amongst us like professor Azmi Sharom to lend credibility to their distortions of the constitution, to support the erosion of our traditional leaders like the Yang Di Pertuan Agung, the Sultans and their traditional roles within our communities. Of course even in this area we are vulnerable. Some f the ‘foreign educated’ consorts to our Sultans join in these attacks on our institutions in an attempt to gain favour and remain popular with the wealthy non Malays who form an integral part of their social circle. The integrity of our culture is ours to protect and preserve. Of course there will always be diverse opinions from even within which must be tolerated especially where there is merit and where we are given an even opportunity to respond. But the “democratic” groups like DAP and PKR who want more “freedoms” won’t let us even respond in their blog pages, censor us when we do write and attribute that censorship to their editorial right to do so. And people like Professor Sharom and Zaid Ibrahim, Anwar Ibrahim and others whilst free to condemn Utusan Melayu remain deafening silent in the face of this 3
  4. 4. www.scribd.com/Malaysia_Politics insult. There is a belief that the White Man brought the idea of constitutional government to Malaya. What they fail to understand is that we were an old and highly sophisticated civilization with a monarchy in each state and constitutions that were both conventions and in written form, highly observed and orderly. We have a rich history which non Malays with the connivance and misinformed upper class Malays seek to re write with Hang Li Po and Parameswara and the British in the end as if we were nothing but a bunch of ulu fishermen in loin cloth civilized by them. If government and UMNO do not crack down on this so called opposition of defamation, insults and denigration of the Malays, Islam and the Malay culture, the Malays themselves will do it whatever the cost. Ketuanan Melayu has by default now been forced upon us not by Mr. Onn but by an idiotic unthinking opposition in Malaysia. 4