Tactical tips from 2010


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Tactical tips from 2010

  1. 1. Wrapping it Up for the Holidays 12 Tips from 2010
  2. 2. January 2010If you’re in the B-to-B space, send email when people are mostlikely to be at their desk. Email sent too early or too late in theday delivers lower metrics. Late morning, mid-week tests bestfor most PWR clients.
  3. 3. February 2010Avoid EXCESSIVE CAPITALIZATION in your emails—ittriggers spam filters and makes people think you’re yellingat them.
  4. 4. March 2010When crafting a From Line for your email, use the nameof the featured organization—organization names deliverbetter metrics than names of marketing firms, PR firms orpersonal names.When it comes to From Lines, honest, clear and conciseis always best.
  5. 5. April 2010Is sharing your content on Twitter a priority?If so, consider adding a "Tweet This" icon to your New MediaRelease, e-newsletter, blog post or landing page. Make iteasy for anyone viewing your content to click a button andspread the word.
  6. 6. May 2010Video is a great way to communicate your message. Whetheryou’re sending monthly e-tips, distributing a news release,beefing up your newsroom, or simply adding spice to yourwebsite, YouTube quality video is a compelling way to engageyour audience. And, if you want to make it transferable, makesure to add an embed button so recipients can easily grab yourvideo and drop it on their own sites Click to grab embed code Click here for more video tips
  7. 7. June 2010Looking for coverage in this year’s holiday gift guides? Create adigital gift guide loaded with images and useful info. Send it tolong-lead publications in the early summer months. Then,redistribute it to short-lead outlets in the fall to maximize yourcoverage. See examples of holiday guides here, here and here.
  8. 8. July 2010In our recent survey, 88% of journalists said receiving images witha news release is (very) important. On the other hand,attachments earned a big thumbs down. So, include an imagegallery with every release and make it easy for journalists tochoose and download web or print quality images. And if youreally want to wow them, consider adding an image player themedia can grab and transfer to their own sites. See player examples here and here.
  9. 9. August 2010Do you know how your E-newsletter, New Media Release or otherHTML email renders outside of a computer screen? Make sure toadd a mobile-friendly link that will render properly on any handhelddevice. And don’t forget to test in advance to ensure proper iPadrendering. See how this E-newsletter looks on an iPad…
  10. 10. September 2010Facebook is changing the width of their tabs. So, if you have(or are planning to add) a tabbed Facebook page, now is thetime to update it.
  11. 11. October 2010Want to make your message easier to find online? Usekeywords to meta-tag all your digital collateral: New MediaReleases, microsites, E-newsletters and more. Ask PWRabout meta-tagging your next project.
  12. 12. November 2010Now is the time to start thinking about your holiday E-cards.Although we at PWR often discourage folks from using animationin emails, when it comes to holiday e-cards creativity andinnovation can really pay off. What conveys your holidaymessage? Talking snowman...ringing bells...twinkling candles orperhaps an interactive game?
  13. 13. December 2010Take advantage of all the great, often free, resources theweb has to offer to add dimension and texture to digitalassets. It’s a great way to repackage and reuse content.