Cracking the Digital Code


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Cracking the Digital Code

  1. 1. Cracking the Digital Code The who, where & how-to of building better relationships with your target audiences
  2. 2. Push vs. Pull Remember the old marketing theory of Push vs. Pull? With Push Marketing, companies seek customers by pushing out their products and services out to consumers. Television, radio, newspaper ads, and direct mail are all examples. Pull Marketing is when companies tempt customers to them, pulling them in to their brand via search, whitepapers, media coverage, etc. But now there’s something new happening…
  3. 3. The Digital Revolution Digital has ushered in profound changes in how your target audiences consume and create news, make buying decisions, contribute time and money to causes, research topics of interest, and share information about brands with their networks. In fact, the web has changed everything we do, from falling in love to creating music. So what does it mean for marketers?
  4. 4. Many-to-many is the new “It” The old one-to-many marketing strategies are being augmented by new many-to-many strategies. Did you hear Buy my about the new I got the stuff! stuff? stuff! ??? Love it! Hate it! Same old new “it”
  5. 5. They have megaphones. Embrace it! People are more empowered than ever with a multitude of ways to be heard. Your audiences are now key to your brand’s online reputation; thus, they’re key to your brand’s success.
  6. 6. Is that good news for your brand? Think about it this way... Imagine you’re having a sales competition. Who do you think would win the race, selling your brand most effectively? A. Your very best rock-star salesperson B. Your most enthusiastic and fanatical customer C. A large collection of your customers, staff members, prospects and other engaged audiences sharing their honest opinions about your product
  7. 7. You did pick “C,” right? Right. Your own customer base and other engaged audiences are an incredibly valuable, perhaps largely untapped, resource. But who are your audiences? WHO?
  8. 8. Audience = Anyone engaged with your brand Anyone paying attention to, engaging with, or sharing opinions about your brand is a member of your audience. Engaging them in a positive fashion is increasingly important in this many-to-many marketing climate. CUSTOMERS STAFF PROSPECTS THE MEDIA THE BOARD & MORE…
  9. 9. The “Engagement Diamond” Your digital assets need to target different groups, take into account different levels of engagement, and address the small percentage of people—the “loud crowd”—who pipe up most often on blogs and social sites as well as the majority who share with their networks less frequently. Good marketers move the needle, pushing audience members higher up towards the top of the diamond .
  10. 10. So now we know who they are, but where do you reach them? WHERE?
  11. 11. They’re everywhere (all the time). They’re online. So if you’re communicating online, your messages now reach people in the grocery store, at a soccer game, boarding a plane, even in bed as they check email, blog and social sites on their laptops, iPads, and Blackberries. And they don’t just get messages on the go, they create, share and pass-on messages to their networks from everywhere as well. See sources and find more info here and here.
  12. 12. They’re engaged (but is it with you?) In addition to being everywhere all the time, they’re more engaged than ever. They’re crazy in love with their digital toys and busy creating virtual personalities and sharing information about your brand, and millions of others. According to a recent study, most American college students, for example, are not just unwilling, but functionally unable to be without their new media links to the world. “I clearly am addicted…” said one student in the study. “I feel like most people these days are in a similar situation, for between having a Blackberry, a laptop, a television, and an iPod, people have become unable to shed their media skin.” See sources and find more info here and here.
  13. 13. So now we know who they are and where they are, but how do you reach them effectively and stand out from the clutter? HOW?
  14. 14. Become a digital genie… Give your audiences what they want: content that is relevant, engaging, educational, human, funny, timely, conversational, informative, useful. Ask yourself… Who am I trying to reach? What are their needs? What are their interests? What do I have/know that is important to them? How do they consume info? What can I develop that will be of use to them? How can I leverage my expertise to alleviate these concerns? How often do they want to hear from me? Like any relationship, generosity counts so share your knowledge, expertise, humor, information and resources unstintingly.
  15. 15. New Rule! Here’s an example of how the definition of good content has changed. Remember the golden-rule of old school marketing, “sell the sizzle not the steak”? It has been updated. The new rule? To sell that steak, educate with recipe ideas, grilling tips, pairing guides and more! same old new “it” H/T Loren McDonald
  16. 16. Relevance is the foundation. No matter who you’re reaching out to or how you’re reaching them, make sure every bit of content you share includes relevant and valuable pieces of information. Building relationships takes time and effort, but laying a good foundation by sharing tactical tips, how-to guides, do’s and don’ts, transferable content like video and images, and other relevant, informative, entertaining and/or useful content will—slowly but surely—help you develop positive and interactive relationships.
  17. 17. Good packaging counts. Your digital content should also be dynamic, interactive and engaging. If you’re creating content that functions like a print piece, you’re doing it wrong. Get creative with video, image players, Video graphics, quizzes, social media elements and more. tips
  18. 18. Putting the pieces together… So what does it all mean? First, think more about your existing customers and other engaged audiences—they’re selling your brand now (or not). Think about how their lives have changed. Above all, they’ve shifted work habits, personal relationships, info gathering and most other aspects of their lives online. And they spend most of their time there too! If you want to engage them, create and share digital content with real value. Invite them to enjoy, participate and talk back. (And when they do, be sure you’re listening!)
  19. 19. Want us to paint a clearer picture? Here are a few examples of relationship-building digital content that targets the right audience in the right place with the right content….
  20. 20. Yum’s New Media Release wins praise WHO: The media WHERE: targeted inboxes HOW: New Media Release To share a great story with the media, PR firm Weber Shandwick worked with PWR New Media to develop this user-friendly release sent to targeted journalists and bloggers. It’s loaded with images, video, and loads of useful content. It was such a hit it earned a PRSA Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation for digital press kit category. Click here to view the award- winning Yum NMR
  21. 21. AAOE’s E-Newsletter gets a make-over WHO: members and the board WHERE: inbox HOW: E-newsletter The American Academy of Orthopedic Executives wanted to transform their E-Newsletter from drab to fab, making it more valuable for members. We worked with them to create this HTML newsletter designed to wow from the inbox. It’s loaded with loads of info, an image player, a slideshow, a quiz, tactical tips and more. There’s even a PDF version for recipients who just want to hold something in their hands as they peruse that great content. Click here to check out AAOE’s new E-Newsletter.
  22. 22. PTA invites the media to convention 2010 WHO: journalists and bloggers For their 2010 Annual Meeting, WHERE: on-line newsroom, National PTA created a media- HOW: Electronic Press Kit friendly EPK with loads of content journalists and bloggers want— images, transferable video, releases and more. The site was integrated with their Twitter hash tag and was linked to their Facebook page where the media could watch live-streaming video. They also kept the press informed via New Media Releases delivered to targeted inboxes and a to the EPK link on their newsroom homepage. Click here for the PTA annual convention EPK
  23. 23. Cheers! For more info on PWR New Media and the many clients we work with, please get in touch anytime—we’re always happy to make new friends. Join our email list here Visit our website here Check out our blog here Become a Facebook fan here Follow us on Twitter here Or, just send a good old fashioned email here. We look forward to hearing from you.