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Md hr advisory-services1


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A snap shot on RCG Management Consulting, a pan Indian HR firm.

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Md hr advisory-services1

  1. 1. HR Advisory Services About UsRCG Management Consulting is a pan Indian management consulting organization set up in1994 with particular focus in the various facets of HR consulting and retained executive search.It is a high-end boutique firm, lending its expertise in career and personal development of highachieving individuals. RCGs hallmark is in having an involved and committed relationship withprofessionals and help them by developing their insights about themselves as well as theenvironment and surroundings. RCG s specialized engagements have been in the areas ofexecutive search ,talent development, measuring and developing leadership potential and cultureand mindset changes at the middle and senior executive levels.The client list of RCG includes companies from entrepreneurial startups to large organizationsboth in the private and public sectors, Indian and Multinational Some of the important names in
  2. 2. the client list of RCG are Airtel,Maruti Suzuki ,Toyota,Microsoft,Motorola,ComputerAsSociates,IBM,Capco,Cap Gemini,KPMG, Ernst & Young,Xerox, 3M, Mahindra BritishTelecom,The General Electric Company Limited,Satyam Computers,Siemens,Oracle,, MorganStanley,Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL),Indian Oil Corporation, NTPC,and many others. .
  3. 3. About UsCapability of this organization is derived both from the leaders and theoperating people in the team as also from that of the leading consultants in itspanel on an exclusive basis.RCG has a strong research, assessment, and technology orientation and is aleader in scientific search and offering innovative solutions to improveorganizational productivity.The RCG team includes highly trained psychologists as well as professionalswith in-depth business backgrounds. A deep expertise in the behavioralsciences combined with the teams substantial business acumen ensures abalanced approach.The core value of RCG Management Consulting is to best serve the highest quality ofcustomers .
  4. 4. About MDDr. Malavika Desai is an organizational specialist and an executive coach with two decadesofexperience in understanding the needs and complexities of the human mind at work.A Doctorate in Organizational Behavior, Dr. Desai begun her career as a business and HRProfessional, evolved as a Coach and A Facilitator, and later took a break as a full timeacademics. As an Organization Specialist, Dr. Desai has consulted for many large organizations, bothpublic and private, on the issues of human resource strategy, structure, processes andculture. Amongst her many consulting assignments, she has executed diagnostic studies,designed employee friendly systems and facilitated team building and people developmentprograms for numerous business houses.Being a trained Psychologist, Dr. Desai has been engaged in Executive coaching and trainingand has conducted one- on one sessions dealing with deep emotional issues like lowperformance, depression and meaningless in life. .
  5. 5. About MDAs a Trainer, Dr. Desai has designed and facilitated many a popular learning session for several largecorporations, both multinational and Indian, public as well as private, in varied sectors . Some of herprograms have been on subjects like Leadership and Team Building, The Power of Intent , EmotionalIntelligence, Listening Leadership, Reengineering Self for Living the Future, Stress Management, RaisingCompetency, Improving the Interpersonal Quotient, Communication and interpersonal Effectiveness,Planning Life & Career and Managing Self in the face of Change.While serving as the Principal of RCG Management Consulting, Dr. Desai has been a visiting facultyWith some eminent Indian business schools, namely the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)the Chartered Financial Institute (ICFAI).She has also been aninvited speaker at many international and national conventions .In her interaction with clients, Dr. Desai brings a powerful combination of business experience andpsychological insight to help them achieve permanent and transformational change. Clients describe Dr.Desai’s style as easy, confident, comprehensive, yet assured and empathetic.Dr. Desai also has research publications, both Indian and international to her credit beides beingcontributor to leading business magazines.In her last assignment, Dr. Desai served as a full time faculty in the Indian Institute of ManagementShillong(IIMS) as an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and HR. .
  6. 6. Assignments UndertakenVision Mission AlignmentCompetency AssessmentCareer Path MappingRole ProfilingPersonality ProfilingSuccession PlanningOrganizational Health SurveyEmployee EngagementTraining Need Analysis
  7. 7. Sample TestimonialsI have known Dr. Malavika Desai professionally for last 7 years. Dr. Desai has demonstrated expertise ofhandling complex group situations and emotive stress/conflicts at senior level participants tothe workshops that she has delivered. Our groups have gained higher understanding of self and how theirbehavior affects the group and Company culture in turn. Dr. Desai has been associated, with fast pacedsectors and is therefore placed well to help teams in being contemporary and innovative” July 25, 2011Manmohan Kalsy ,Director HR , Xerox India“I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Malavika in looking at ourorganisation in India and also in the development of the students and thecurriculum at the IIM. A very enthusiastic Professional who looks forinnovative and interesting ways to achieve the development of either theorganisation or the individuals. Karl SLym.”Karl Slym , President and Managing Director, General Motors .
  8. 8. Sample Testimonials“I have known Dr. Malavika Desai for close to two decades now. Dr. Desai has always been there tohelp me at all levels of my career. It is commendable the way Dr. Desai offers great advice in aprofessional yet empathetic manner. I remain impressed by her positive outlook, untiring force tobring change and high commitment towards whatever she does..If you need someone to help you putyour work life in perspective, then no need to look any further I recommend Dr. Desai to anyonelooking for Career Guidance or Coaching!” .Amit Chatterjee, Director Sales, Syntel ,UK“I have known Dr.Malavika Desai for over a decade now. I have used her advice on severaloccasions for my company as well as for my own career. She has a very impressive presenceand a strong sense of purpose that drive her to take new business challenges. She has earnedthe admiration of her business partners and mentees alike. She can be a great coach toCorporates.executives who are climbing up the ladder. I wish her the very best.” August 17, 2011Sanjay Nigam , Managing Director, Toyota Motor (ALJ), Saudi Arabia
  9. 9. Thank You Dr. Malavika Desai cale=en_US&pvs=pp&trk=ppro_viewmore Thank You !!