Essential Features all Cosmetic Bags Must Have


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It is hard for most women to survive a day without their cosmetic bag, and travelling without it is impossible for a majority

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Essential Features all Cosmetic Bags Must Have

  1. 1. Every female oriented product that advertisers want to promote in the market nowadays is being branded as “a woman’s best friend.” In real terms, there is only one best friend a woman has, and it is an object for all seasons, for all weathers and for all occasions, it is something a woman absolutely cannot survive without! It is something every woman wants to possess and to possess the perfect one! Yes, we are talking about cosmetic bags! It is hard for most women to survive a day without their cosmetic bag, and travelling without it is impossible for a majority! So what contributes to a great cosmetic bag? What makes it best friend for every woman, here are some of the essential features all such bags must have: 1. Space! Lots of Space! : If there is one thing about women that has to be stated here, it has to be the fact that if it were left up to them, and it was possible, women would fit the entire solar system in their bags and take it with them! A good cosmetic bag has to be spacious enough, not just to fit in all her cosmetics, but her other objects of day to day need as well. It doesn’t matter how spacious it is, a woman will always be in constant need of more space! 2. Multipurpose: Good cosmetic bags are those which can be used for more than just a single purpose. They can be cosmetic bags when they need to look beautiful, and can be a storehouse for tens of different kinds of stuff when needed as per the situation demands! It should have enough space, divisions and partitions, carefully made so that it can serve various purposes. Carry it in a hang, it’s a cosmetic bag, pull out the sling, and it becomes a normal bag! 3. Mirror Mirror in the wall! Mirror mirror in the wall, tell me who is the most beautiful of them all! This line from our childhood reflects well on the innocently narcissistic nature of the womankind. They always want to look pretty and are in a constant need of a mirror. Women constantly need to maintain their make up or their hair style. Their unintentional vanity gives rise to this need for having a mirror inside every cosmetic bag. A bag must have a mirror so that it makes not only applying these cosmetics easier, but also maintaining them.
  2. 2. 4. Proper Storage: The bag must not only be spacious, but also have proper options of storage! Considering a woman keeps a lot of fluid things inside her bag, along with her electronic gadgets and currency notes, it must be made sure that in the unfortunate event of this fluid spilling, nothing else gets damaged! A proper storage system with different pouches and chains has to be made available. These were the essential features that all cosmetic bags must have! Do you have any tips that you would like to share with us? Do let us know! By: Lalan Shrikam