TTC16: Toby Houchens - Unconventional Travel Risk Management

Jun. 17, 2016

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TTC16: Toby Houchens - Unconventional Travel Risk Management

  2. Cost of Risk
  3. San Bernardino
  4. Fort Bragg
  5. Iraq
  6. Senegal
  7. Paris
  8. Brussels
  9. Ivory Coast
  10. San Bernardino
  11. San Francisco • Property crime up 60% since 2010 • Highest per-capita property crime rate of the nation’s top 50 cities
  12. Technology, Trends & Innovations in Travel • Mobile Tracking • Predictive Analytics • Artificial Intelligence • Virtual Reality • Wearables • Crowd-sourcing
  13. Adoption of New Technologies in Travel • Itinerary Management • Expense Management • Planning & Booking • Customer Experience • Safety & Security
  14. Innovators in Travel
  15. Lack of Innovation in Travel Risk Management • 58% of HR professionals rely on Google for risk assessment data • U.S. State Department also relies on Google for data • Intelligence they do use is stale and comes from: Curated information sources and long duration studies Country level reports Aggregated media reports • Travel managers use outdated and ineffective technologies to track, check-in and communicate with clients and travelers • Web apps don’t leverage new technologies Organizations continue to: • Focus on post-crisis solutions • Be let down by generalized, ineffective threat alerts
  16. Unconventional Travel Risk Management “Effective decision-making tools, due diligence, and intelligence should form the foundation of any TRM (travel risk management) program” - Charles Brossman - author of “Building a Travel Risk Management Program” • Leverages communities and emerging technology with near real-time knowledge of situations and events • Analysts gather, validate, and assess data from multiple sources to provide the most detailed, applicable, and geo-relevant intelligence • Focus on pre-crisis opportunities and due diligence
  18. Travel Recon offers businesses, organizations, and individuals next- generation, destination intelligence tools and unconventional travel and personal risk management capabilities to create or enhance duty-of-care and travel risk management programs with maximum user acceptance. For individual travelers and organizations requiring relevant due diligence and destination intelligence for their employees and clients. A duty-of-care, tracking, and communication solution with customizable dashboards for managers. A community based safety and security mobile app providing near real-time, crowd-sourced threat alerts
  19. A community based safety and security mobile app providing near real-time, crowd-sourced threat alerts GORECON FEATURES • Community reporting • Social communication • Check-ins & tracking • Emergency button • Gamification/ranking system (motivation) • Recon Map view • Destination Threat Ratings GAMIFICATION Phase 1: Motivation to help your community. Simple leaderboard and social sharing of scores, and ranks identified. Phase 2: Recruit, Advocate, Protector, and Operator ranking titles. Detailed mission initiatives. Missions from headquarters to verify crime or risk in specific area. Phase 3: Group atmosphere to compete with your fellow agents when performing missions.
  20. Recon Maps
  21. Alerts
  22. Emergencies
  23. Intelligence Reports