Week6 presentation


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Week6 presentation

  1. 1. Group F Presentation University of Aizus1170173 Makoto Yoshidas1170226 Yoshitaka Ozaki
  2. 2. Topics covered for Assignment AWe will present about IBM company what was analysis candidate on week3.
  3. 3. Importance of the weekly Topics with example・Example We have researched...1. Explain whether the organization of information in the site is user-friendly or not?By researching it, we can understand that the site is user-friendly or not and whether its design is beneficial to our web site design activity or not.
  4. 4. Importance of the assignment and ithelps with web analysis and design Through this assignment, we can know about what is good point and bad point of the sitedesign. We can take good point we found in ourweb site design and we should regard bad point as bad manner for user.
  5. 5. Provide examples showing whetherthe organization of information in the sites is user-friendly or not In week#3 assignment, we wrote. ・We think this site is not user-friendly. Because this site show us picture that it is difficult to understand the details. This picture is not showthe details about next page. I could not know what the site says. So I think these picture should change other pictures.
  6. 6. Explain whether the presentation of content is appealing or not? In week#3 assignment, we wrote. ・I think appealing is good. There are manyinformation on the site. If I want some information on this site, I may be able to get the information. Because this site are easy to see that details. So the present of content is appealing.
  7. 7. Explain whether the effective use of web technology is demonstrated? In week#3 assignment, we wrote. ・I think the effective use of technology isdemonstrated. The company use technology inmany categories in my idea. I think this companycatch some course and this company know a lot of category of computer and so on. So this company is good for customers to show that.
  8. 8. Who is the target audience? Is the website appropriate for the projected audience? In week#3 assignment, we wrote. ・The target is people who use computer or takedrugs. They can tackle each customers who has a lot of requests. I think it is very important to take something for someone. It is simple rule.
  9. 9. Explain the quality of the content. Each content are so good. They make some sentences short. Introductions are put at first andthese are originally. But font is a little bit smaller. if it is good, these are become well.
  10. 10. Have a closing slide with a conclusionexplaining how such web analysis helps in software/web information design.Web analysis helps to user-friendly software/web information design. Because of this familiarity,user can understand how use our products and it lead to better estimation of products.