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Module5 assesment activity5_oh&s_presentation


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Module5 assesment activity5_oh&s_presentation

  1. 1. Occupational Health and Safety is not just about you!<br />A safe work place involves <br />everyone!<br />Pay Attention!!<br />
  2. 2. Bill-the-Boss’s responsibilities:<br /><ul><li>Must take reasonable care to protect his own health and safety at work
  3. 3. Ensure that other people are not harmed by the work undertaken by his employees
  4. 4. this includes customers, hospital patients, visitors to the workplace, such as: police, inspectors , government officials, voluntary workers, students, an employee's family, and any other person who may be affected by the work activity
  5. 5. Ensure a safe working environment by:
  6. 6. providing and maintain safe equipment for you to work with
  7. 7. provide first aid facilities and trained first aider if appropriate
  8. 8. establish safety procedures in case of emergency</li></ul> (these are required by the Workplace Health and Safety Act,1995)<br />Penalties apply for a breach of this section of the Act. <br /> Fines are variable according to incident.<br />
  9. 9. YOU - <br />the employees responsibilities:<br /><ul><li>Must take reasonable care to protect your own health and safety at work
  10. 10. Avoid harming the health and safety of other people
  11. 11. Must follow the health and safety procedures required by the company</li></ul>(these are required by the Workplace Health and Safety Act,1995)<br />Penalties apply for a breach of this section of the Act.<br /> Employees convicted of an offence can face fines up to $10,000.<br />
  12. 12. Everyone is responsible for:<br /><ul><li>Understanding and following established safety procedures
  13. 13. Being aware of existing potential hazards /risks and how to control them
  14. 14. Identifying and reporting potential new safety hazards /risks
  15. 15. Taking action to eliminate hazards or reduce risks
  16. 16. Knowing who the designated safety officers are and how to contact them
  17. 17. Identifying and reporting emergency incidents immediately
  18. 18. Contribute to workplace safety meetings every Friday morning 9am.</li></ul>Keeping our workplace safe and healthy <br /> is an ongoing process and <br /> requires the participation of everyone.<br />
  19. 19. All information on how to do this is listed in the Occupational Health and Safety Booklet which is located in the<br /> top left hand draw of every desk in this office<br /> READ IT!<br />All emergency contact phone numbers are located on the notice board above every phone in the office<br /> READ IT!<br />Emergency Evacuation procedures are located on a <br /> notice board beside every door<br /> READ IT!<br />
  20. 20. Observe the signs displayed<br />they are there for a reason - <br />Your safety!!<br />
  21. 21. Risks and Hazards to be aware of:<br /><ul><li>RSI from repetitive movements
  22. 22. Back and neck injury from unsuitable desk and chair
  23. 23. Back injury from poor posture
  24. 24. Finger/wrist and elbow pain from poor alignment with computer station
  25. 25. Neck and eye injury from incorrect positioning of monitor
  26. 26. Physically stress if you are too hot or cold
  27. 27. Dehydration from lack of fluid intake
  28. 28. Eye strain from monitor glare or prolonged use
  29. 29. Physically and mentally stress from poor time management</li></ul> Not being aware of office safety procedures/measures puts your whole life at risk!<br /> <br />
  30. 30. How to avoid some of the hazards:<br /><ul><li>Alternate work tasks regularly and use wrist support
  31. 31. Adjust chair height so feet are flat on floor
  32. 32. Sit with a straight back in your chair
  33. 33. Elbows must be at right angle to your desk and keyboard
  34. 34. Monitor should be parallel to your line of sight
  35. 35. Wear clothing suitable for your office environment
  36. 36. Every hour do stretching exercises and drink water
  37. 37. Adjust your monitors brightness and contrast levels
  38. 38. Keep daily diary for good time management</li></ul>Read the occupational health and safety booklet and familiarize yourself with all the procedures and precautions.<br /> <br />
  39. 39. If you did not avoid the hazard<br /><ul><li>You must report it to Sookie-the-Secretary on 111 111 111</li></ul> (Designated safety representative who is a registered training provider with the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority)<br />So she may take steps to contain the hazard<br />OR<br /><ul><li>You must report it to Jason-the-Janitor on 222 222 222</li></ul> (Our second designated safety representative)<br />So he might eliminate the hazard<br />
  40. 40. In the advent of an injury occurring<br /><ul><li>You must report it to Eric-oh-Eric on 333 333 333</li></ul> (Our third designated safety representative and a trained first aider)<br /> So he is able to ascertain if the doctor is needed and call the ambulance<br /><ul><li>Eric-oh-Eric knows all about blood and bandaids so please seek his assistance how ever minor it may seem
  41. 41. First Aid Boxes for general use are white with a green cross on them and located throughout the office – make sure you know where they are!</li></li></ul><li>If an incident involves grievous bodily harm, death or the possibility of either .....<br />then by law, a written report must be made and the Workplace Standards Inspector notified immediately.<br />Details must include:<br /><ul><li>Time, date, location and street address of incident
  42. 42. Description of event, injury, and damage
  43. 43. Names of persons involved, witnesses, workplace representatives present
  44. 44. Cause of incident
  45. 45. Future action that could be taken to prevent it happening again</li></ul>(An official report form can be obtained from Sookie-the-Secretary)<br /> If in doubt the official helpline number is: 1300 366 322<br />
  46. 46. And!<br /> We all need to be aware and spot the hazard to be SAFE:<br /> Spot the hazard<br /> Assess the risk<br /> Fix the problem<br /> Evaluate results<br />Being safe is a team effort!<br /><ul><li>Detailed information on how to do this is in the Occupational Health and Safety booklet in the top left hand draw of your desk – read it thoroughly!</li></li></ul><li>Safety Checks on Office Equipment<br />Jason-the-Janitor is in charge of supervising regular maintenance of:<br /><ul><li>all computer equipment and accessories
  47. 47. all other electrical equipment
  48. 48. communication system
  49. 49. heating and ventilation
  50. 50. furniture – desks, chairs, storage systems
  51. 51. lighting
  52. 52. staff room appliances</li></ul>Please notify Jason-the-Janitor on 222 222 222 <br /> IMMEDIATELY! <br /> if you have any problems with any office equipment. <br />
  53. 53. Emergency evacuation because of fire:<br /><ul><li>Safely but quickly leave the office through one of the doors marked with EMERGENCY EXIT sign ONLY!
  54. 54. Ensure rapid evacuation by helping your fellow workers
  55. 55. All emergency exit doors lead to the main car park
  56. 56. Report immediately to our safety officers </li></ul>Remember<br /><ul><li>Keep all marked EXIT doors free from unnecessary clutter at all times
  57. 57. Emergency contact details are above every phone
  58. 58. 000 is the emergency number for police, ambulance and fire station</li></li></ul><li>Jason-the-Janitor is in charge of Safety Equipment<br /><ul><li>Fire extinguishers are in place and properly mounted on wall brackets
  59. 59. Fire equipment is maintained regularly – dates check on service tags
  60. 60. Smoke detection systems are maintained regularly with a maintenance log</li></ul>Your responsibilities are:<br /><ul><li>Know where the fire extinguishers are and the closest one to your work space
  61. 61. Do not stack items to ceiling level as this may interfere with smoke detectors
  62. 62. Inform Jason-the-Janitor of any irregularities that you may notice</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>If there is a physical assault </li></ul> or threat of an assault<br /> to you or someone else <br /><ul><li>call Eric-oh-Eric for immediate assistance</li></ul> on 333 333 333 <br /><ul><li>AND dial 000 for the police</li></ul>Please note: <br /> There is zero tolerance of sexual harassment or assault in this office and the Police will be called immediately regardless of circumstances.<br />
  63. 63. Resolving occupational health and safety issues<br /><ul><li>Sookie-the-Secretary, Jason-the-Janitor and Eric-oh-Eric report all health and safety issues at the studio weekly meeting on Friday morning 9am.
  64. 64. Your participation by sharing your ideas is essential to resolve issues!
  65. 65. If any issues are unresolved an independent assessor will be bought in for further consultation </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>All our occupational health and safety procedures are inline with the Safety Institute of Australia ( standards and Tasmania Department of Justice – Workplace Standards Tasmania (
  66. 66. We encourage input from everyone to maintain our office environment in a safe and healthy manner
  67. 67. Occupational Health and safety meetings every Friday morning at 9am. Be there!
  68. 68. Our designated officers can be contacted at anytime:</li></ul>Sookie-the-Secretary...........111 111 111<br />Jason-the-Janitor.................222 222 222<br />Eric-oh-Eric..........................333 333 333<br />
  69. 69. Remember!your safety is my safety then we are all safe<br />
  70. 70. thank you<br />