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Power point updated

  1. 1. How to deploy a Cloud App Running on Windows Presented by Cole Humphreys and Juan De Abreu | #MSwebinar
  2. 2. Agenda• Cloud Services Offerings Rackspace• Making Sense Experience with the Rackspace API• Rackspace Windows 8 App• Q&A. .02
  3. 3. Cloud Services Offerings Rackspace• Rackspace Company Overview• Rackspace Products Briefly Explained• Capabilities of the API• Developer Resources .03
  4. 4. Image 828x462px Cloud Services Offerings Rackspace .04
  5. 5. Image 828x462px Cloud Services Offerings Rackspace .05
  6. 6. Developer Resources• Rackspace Developer Center:• API Documentation:• Developer Community:• Rackspace Knowledge Center: .07
  7. 7. MakingSense Experience• Technology (REST)• Authentication and Communication Processes• Assumptions and Constraints • API Capabilities (Cloud Servers, Cloud File Servers, Cloud Load Balancers, etc.)• Advantages over non cloud solutions• Best Practices• Tips to expedite development (roadblocks, workarounds) .08
  8. 8. Rackspace Windows 8 App• Windows 8• APP Architecture• Usability• Performance• Windows App Store .09
  9. 9. More info• Case study:• MS Blog:• Windows Store, Rackspace App: com/windows/en- US/app/fba5a14e-2ca2-4137-864f-31e40ba84e10 .10
  10. 10. Q&A
  11. 11. ThanksJuan De Abreu | 210 3862492 | | Making Sense LLC
  12. 12. Backup Sample questions..• API authentication and communication processes, How do I get an user to start, etc.• Why are different entry points for the API?• Do I need to worry about the performance? Or transaction data volume, on Mobile applications.• Is there any more functionality coming on the new app / API?• How was the experience working with the support team, when you had questions? .11