Project Champions: Change the World Your Way


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Makerble connects celebrities to charitable causes they care about, and lets them choose exactly how the money is spent. Making Project Champions.

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  • And we believe we can deliver this digitally through Makerble
  • Project Champions: Change the World Your Way

    2. 2. There’s a desire to change the world within each of us
    3. 3. But often our day-to-day lives get in the way
    4. 4. So we look to our role models for inspiration
    5. 5. For some, this still leaves them wanting “I don’t donate money to charity because I’m not confident that my donation won’t be wasted. That’s why I volunteer my time instead because that way I see the direct impact of what I put in” HSBC Investment Manager, aged 30-35, male Source: Makerble interviews
    6. 6. Research shows that if charities made their progress more visible, people would be inspired to give more and the number of people giving would rise 9.5million latent donors, £665million/year available in extra donations Source: New Philanthropy Capital Money For Good report, UK Giving Green Paper
    7. 7. As a team we’ve seen this happen before with £25 average donation, 22-35 year olds, 40 projects, £80,000, member- get-member marketing, repeat attendees, charities earned loyalty www.YTFN.ORG 2008 - 2013 Matt Kepple, Annabel Dickson (Makerble) and friends co-founded the Youth Funding Network, - 2008-2013
    8. 8. Makerble visualises the impact of your donations to charity letting you know exactly how your money is spent
    9. 9. Telling the story of change, not selling the story of change Makerble has a library of charitable projects described in the Help (need) | Make (method, budget) | Change (impact) format
    10. 10. Users (Makers) select the causes they care about Makerble tailors a personalised stream of projects matching the user’s interests for their monthly donation to fund.
    11. 11. Change is reported on the Maker’s Change Timeline Personalised monthly email newsletter | Mobile app notifications Makers have a Change Score which equates to their total impact across all the projects they’ve ever made possible
    12. 12. And automatically published to the Maker’s social network 2.85 new Makers recruited per original Maker 50% Makers activate FB connect x 190 Facebook Friends x 3% signup rate has provided nursery places to 3 orphans in Romania. You can help Ahmed make even more change!
    13. 13. Makers can choose to subscribe to projects run by one charity, or to projects run by a range of charities, based on their interests.
    14. 14. How can Makerble work with Project Champions? Champion
    15. 15. Through Makerble, as a Project Champion you can choose to support individual projects, or project bundles that are close to your heart Inspiring new Makers among your own support base CHAMPIONED BY GARY BARLOW
    16. 16. Each Champion has a Change Profile, which visualises the extent to which you’ve inspired others to donate, and the impact of the total donations to your selected project(s) The Change Profile automatically updates to publish the impact of user donations through statistics, pictures, video, and text. Content can be time-tagged and geo-tagged to make it interactive through the Timeline and Map features.
    17. 17. The story of change for your chosen project(s) can exist on a page within your own website in tandem To easily inspire and alert fans to the good work you do MUSIC PORTFOLIO MAKERBLE
    18. 18. What else do I need to know about Makerble?
    19. 19. Makerble is a revolutionary tool putting people in control of their positive global impact like never before. Our marketing reflects the breadth of interest in Makerble and we have staff assigned to these areas. PR EMPLOYEES EVERYWHERE SUB CULTURES SOCIAL MEDIA BRANDED VOUCHERS National media targets Resolving the frustration in charity giving Seeking celebrity Makers Individual departments within companies can impact their choice of causes with a Makerble Bundle that is linked to the company’s Makerble Page Exploring partnership with intermediary organisation to reach the Top 100 graduate employers Big market: Only 2% of firms use Payroll Giving University Student Reps: engaging students directly and giving societies to their own Bundles Entertainment venues: clubs, bars, restaurants Hobbyists: e.g. members of groups can impact their choice of causes with a Makerble Bundle Seeded campaign video Earned Media: Makers’ Change Stories published to their social networks Owned Media: charities can engage existing supporters, e.g. using Makerble Charity Facebook App, email newsletter, etc. Brands distribute gift- funding vouchers to their customers to support their own choice of projects or projects highlighted by the brand. We have an ambitious plan for growth
    20. 20. • All donations are tax efficient via Gift Aid. • An additional 1% of donations pays for our payment partner. We charge zero set-up fees Makerble is funded via a Transaction Transparency Fee (4% of donations) which we invest in making our charities accountable.
    21. 21. Thank You Matt Kepple CEO Sandbox and RSA Fellow Founder of Makerble Former Social Enterprise Ambassador appointed by the Cabinet Office, Top 100 Global Young Social Entrepreneurs Mob: 07950 421 815 Kate Gault Director of Partnerships Extensive advertising and client-side experience working with major brands, charities and government departments We are a team of 8. Our core team work from Shepherds Bush, London. We are an UnLtd Big Venture Challenge Winner. Please contact Kate or Matt to discuss next steps