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Brands with their own Foundation can use Makerble to deepen their relationships with consumers.

Makerble is where people make the change they want to see in the world. Every charitable project on Makerble publishes its results so everyone can see the difference their donations have made to the lives of people, animals and the environment.

Brands can put their Foundation's projects on Makerble and provide Vouchers that part- or fully-match fund the donations of the public. Brands then benefit from having their role on those projects socially broadcast automatically via the social media profiles of people who have given to those projects.

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Makerble for Brands with their own Foundation

  2. 2. If charity donations were transparent: •4.5million existing donors would give £665million extra per year •5million non-donors would start giving Source: New Philanthropy Capital Money For Good report, UK Giving Green Paper £665million is the annual income of half the UK’s charities (80,000 as registered with the Charity Commission) Transparent donations will revolutionise the charity industry £665million is the extra amount donors would give to charity each year if they knew where their donations went. With Makerble, they can.
  3. 3. Makerble packages charitable work using our proprietary Help-Make-Change interface. •HELP = the problem that a charitable project is solving •MAKE = the items in the project’s budget •CHANGE = numbered badges quantifying the difference the project has made on the ground
  4. 4. Allowing everyone to curate their positive impact on the world Monthly subscription | One-off donations With a Makerble monthly subscription, you effortlessly create the change you wish to see in the world. Makerble finds projects matching your interests and moves your money around each month to fund them; all the while itemising, visualising and sharing the impact those projects make on the ground.
  5. 5. Brand-funded Makerble Vouchers that part-match donor’s donations (funded by tax-deductible CSR budget) e.g. Gucci’s + = + Impact made to a project + Broadcast by donor + + Ups donor’s score Products where % of sale price goes to a charity project e.g. TOMS Shoes + = + + Vouchers codes from multiple products unlock a donation to a charity project + + On-pack Voucher Codes = + + Enabling brands to deepen relationships with consumers Customer & Employee Loyalty | Customer Acquisition | Positive Brand Equity • • • the number of consumers who consider they are "ethical" has increased 7% since 2009 more consumers volunteered in their communities than voted for the government in the last election ethical consumer behaviours have increased year-on-year despite recession. Source:
  6. 6. CHAMPIONED BY CHAMPIONED BY Brands can champion their foundation’s projects Inspiring their own customers and Makerble’s audience to fund and follow those projects too
  7. 7. CHAMPIONED BY Example of the brand Café Direct championing and providing vouchers for projects of the Café Direct Producers Foundation Brands can gift-fund their foundation’s projects, using a voucher system and checkout tailored for brand relevance Up to a limit you control Vouchers can be distributed amongst brand’s own customer base and can be of monetary value and gifts in-kind
  8. 8. The Change Profile embedded on your website automatically updates to publish the impact of user donations through statistics, pictures, video, and text. Content can be time-tagged and geo-tagged to make it interactive through the Timeline and Map features. We provide functionality for your own website that aggregates the impact of the donations made to your foundation, inspired by the brand To share with your own customers and stakeholders
  9. 9. Plus Makerble Office for internal use To encourage and facilitate workplace giving amongst staff, boosting morale and aiding in recruitment and retention
  10. 10. has provided nursery places to 3 orphans in Romania. You can help Ahmed make even more change! With social broadcasting of the Change your brand is enabling consumers to make through your foundation’s project Peer-to-peer endorsement Increased brand awareness through social media channels
  11. 11. Brand objective Makerble features Customer Loyalty • Branded Vouchers that make consumers’ donations to your project go further Employee Loyalty • Group function within Makerble Office that lets colleagues/departments give together Customer Acquisition • Social broadcasting of the Change your brand is co-creating with customers and employees Positive Brand Equity • Discover transparent projects to support tax efficiently and display your itemised corporate impact via your brand’s Change Profile Makerble deepens brands’ relationships with consumers Customer & Employee Loyalty | Customer Acquisition | Positive Brand Equity
  12. 12. CEO: Matt Kepple -Product oversight -Team management and recruitment -Leading investment raising -Serial innovator in behaviour change for social good; background in Marketing, insight, live charity crowd-funding events, social enterprise Lead Developer: Sebastien Bourdu -Managing developers -Site architecture -Founded, -Sandbox Fellow as is Matt Kepple Growth Hacker: Liam Reynolds -Site Optimisation -A/B testing -Former Data Planning Partner at Engine Group servicing T-Mobile and other clients Lead Designer: Theo Louca -Branding, look & feel, wireframes, user journeys, designs -CEO of Rawww -Led design for previous Matt Kepple ventures Who We Are Director of Social Progress: Annabel Dickson - Managing relations with charities, foundations and highnet-worth donors - PR and policy-shaping in impact & funding debates - Service - Co-founded with Matt Kepple - Solo world tour evaluating charities - Built 10:10’s fundraising department Director of Brand Strategy: Kate Gault -Managing marketing and corporate clients -Advertising background: Account Director handling Walkers, Financial Times, The Stroke Association; and client-side Marketing Manager at ITV for Drama -Developed prototype for with Matt Kepple Commercial Director: Ahmed Al-aagam -Revenue, pricing, contracts, budgeting -Charity trustee, public service consultancy CEO -Management experience in fashion label, music, festivals, youth arts -Co-founded Commission for Youth Social Enterprise with Matt Kepple •Founder & CEO Matt Kepple has built a team from his co-founders on previous roles and ventures including DLKW and pop-up crowd-funding events. •Makerble is backed by UnLtd and has won awards from The RSA and Deloitte.
  13. 13. For enquiries, contact Kate Gault: Click forward to see how Makerble works for consumers and foundation / charity staff
  14. 14. How Makerble works for consumers
  15. 15. Continue 1. HELP: Makerble finds charity projects that match users’ interests and social media profiles
  16. 16. 2. MAKE: With a Makerble subscription, users set their monthly spend limit which is distributed among their project(s) Makerble prices donations to lifestyle items e.g. ‘give a round of drinks a month’ instead of ‘give £20/month’
  17. 17. 3. CHANGE: Makerble visualises and itemises the Change made by the user’s projects Consumers receive a personalised monthly email newsletter and Change notifications via the Makerble Mobile app
  18. 18. has provided nursery places to 3 orphans in Romania. You can help Ahmed make even more change! Each user’s Change highlights can be automatically shared with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Makerble does not publish how much you have given, only the Change you have made
  19. 19. Users can subscribe to individual foundations or charities, meaning that a project from that foundation / charity will always be a recipient of their monthly donation
  20. 20. How Makerble works for foundation / charity staff
  21. 21. Makerble enables consumers to receive project updates as they happen. Your project’s staff can be Editors or Reporters. Editors can edit/approve Reporters’ updates. Timescale Fundraising Project is open for donations for 3 months Project Work Starts • Progress Updates: on-going • Change Updates: at the end Stories Project Work Completed traditionally sent to donors
  22. 22. With Makerble’s Storyboard Templates your field and project staff don’t need to worry about how to tell the story of change. How did How did today go? today go? Day 1 Upload aa Upload picture of aa picture of meeting you meeting you were in were in Day 7 What’s been What’s been the hardest the hardest thing so far? thing so far? Day 30 What’s going What’s going well? well? Day 45 At regular intervals (sample above) your field and project staff will receive an email or notification asking them a simple question about the project’s progress. Their answer then appears as an update on Makerble. Editors can create new templates and edit existing ones.
  23. 23. Makerble is a transparency platform. We are creating new ways for foundations to publish content describing progress, live from the field. Current Content Input Methods •Website •Smartphone & Tablet App Future Content Input Methods •SMS •Email •Integration with existing tech
  24. 24. Benefits to the foundation Makerble product feature Results Foundation projects on Makerble Ability to increases digital fundraising income from new audiences Change Stories about their projects across social networks Increases awareness and consideration of foundation via social networks of users Foundation projects on the foundation Makerble Page [optional frame on foundation’s own website] Engages non-financial supporters and lapsed/dormant financial supporters
  25. 25. What else do I need to know about Makerble?
  26. 26. We have an ambitious plan for growth Makerble is a revolutionary tool putting people in control of their positive global impact like never before. Our marketing reflects the breadth of interest in Makerble and we have staff assigned to these areas. BLOGGERS + INFLUENCERS PR Enabling prominent bloggers to champion specific projects. Gaining mainstream media coverage on the basis that Makerble is the first service in the world of its kind. via Project Champions via Marketing Team EMPLOYEE DONATIONS AMPLIFYING EXISTING CSR Only 2% of companies take up payroll giving. There is a big opportunity to give employees richer control and visibility of where donations from their salary can go. Companies can encourage their customers to join them in donating to to the charitable projects their CSR initiative is supporting. The brand earns customer loyalty by match-funding customer donations. via Makerble Office via Makerble Sponsored Stories UNIVERSITIES SHAREABLE CONTENT Students raise £10million/year through RAG related activities. Students of today are the young professionals and higher income earners of tomorrow. We are earning their loyalty early. Spend change, earn Change™ campaign Change the world Your way content via Student Reps Network Via Marketing Team
  27. 27. We charge zero set-up fees We invest 4% of each donation in our transparency infrastructure • All donations are tax efficient via Gift Aid. • An additional 1% of donations pays for our payment partner.
  28. 28. Charity has traditionally always been about how much money you give, with Makerble it’s now about how much Change you make
  29. 29. Thank You We are a social enterprise based in London Bridge. We are winners of UnLtd’s Big Venture Challenge, Deloitte’s Nexters Award and RSA Catalyst. Kate Gault Director of Brand and Partnerships Extensive advertising and client-side experience working with major brands, charities and government departments Matt Kepple CEO & Founder Sandbox and RSA Fellow. Former Social Enterprise Ambassador appointed by the Cabinet Office, Top 100 Global Young Social Entrepreneurs | Mob: 07950 421 815