Insiders Secret to Search Engines


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Insiders Secret to Search Engines.

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Insiders Secret to Search Engines

  1. 1. INSIDER’S SECRET TO SEARCH ENGINESSearch Engines are often key to the successful promotion and running ofyour website, with high traffic making your online business. Mostimportantly, writing useful content builds the foundation of top searchengine rankings.Your corporate website on the internet is the equivalence of your businessdetails on "Yellow Pages" or on a business directory. Having the correctupdated information and contactability is important. The same thing appliesto your website. If your website does not feature prominently in the topsearch results, incoming traffic will slowly come to a standstill and later,people wont even know you exist. There are elements of mathematics andbasic psychology used. Some SEO techniques even uses geographical, age-based, gender-based divisions to target internet users anywhere in the worldto coming to your website.Search Engine Optimization makes your website "search enginefriendly". Right from the aspects of website design and development, SEOensures your website attracts the attention of an internet user, when he/shesearches for relevant keywords or information on search engines. We usegood, high performing traffic keywords.To rise in SEO, these are the 7 core things that needs to be done.1. Keyword Optimization2. Source Code On/Off Page Optimization3. Content and Navigation Optimization4. Robots & .htaccess files5. Marketing: Link Popularity/Back Links6. Importance of Web Design & Website Layout7. Other Offline Marketing Methods - Flyers/Brochures etcTo get your website appearing on Google fast, you can use Google Adwords.For Google Adwords, you need to choose your keywords properly. To get thehighest traffic keyword performing and the lowest cost per click.
  2. 2. Watch this Video for Google Adwords Keywords : 3 Steps to Keywordsuccess! page optimization is one of the very first step of SEO. With goodcontents in a website, content optimization is achieved. Title Tags, MetaTags, Header Lines , ALT Tags are all very basic and crucial techniques to agood on page optimization. On Page simply refers to the text and content onyour web site pages. Naviigational links and structure plays an importantrole in the spider crawling your website properly too. On-Page SEO simplymeans editing your page and content so the Search Engine can find yourwebpage when a surfer is searching for your web sites particular topic.I also believes strongly in popularity linking with link building. We do not justbuild random back links or reciprocal links. We build up your authority linksand relative authority links. Buying relevant traffic like PPC is also a relevantsource of traffic link building. We perform article marketing onto goodwebsites like ezinearticles or Squidoo and conduct news press releases in theinternet for traffic building.Search engines always want new content, so feed them! Not only yourwebsite will grow automatically if you always add something to it, but alsosearch engines tend to spider your website more often if they always findsomething new.While there are proper ethical way in doing things; there are also ethicalways to do search engine optimisation. It is often known as White HatSEO. There is no tricking of search engines algorithm to deliver content tothe user that is different from the contents that is indexed by a searchengine spider. We do not practice Black Hat SEO. We provide Search Engineservices for ethical/ White Hat SEO only.Email to or contact +65-97652271 for acustomized quote to increase your SEO Ranking.