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Does brand association help in one business


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Does brand association help in one business.

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Does brand association help in one business

  1. 1. Does brand association help in onesbusiness image or branding?Branding is not just about a good logo or a good image of a product or services. Branding iswhen that idea or image marketed is so recognized by many many people and they areidentified with a certain service or product even when there are many other companies offeringalmost the same identical service or product.Several good examples of brand associations are like the Nike Swoosh, blue colour with Pepsi orthe Nokia sound. Brand associations are not "reasons-to-buy" but provide acquaintance anddifferentiation thats not replicable. BMW is often associated with fun driving and superiorautomotive engineering. Bill Gates associates greatly with Microsoft.Brands should be associated with something positive so that customers who relate to yourbrand are positive. Brand association can also be defined as the degree to which a specificproduct/service is recognized within its product/service class/category.While choosing a brand name, it is essential that the name chosen should reinforce animportant attribute or benefit that forms your product positioning. For example MakeMySite.Brand association are formed on the following basis.::: Point of Purchase Displays::: Quality of the product::: Products and schemes offered by competitors::: Product class / category to which the brand belongs to.::: Customers that contact with the organisation and its employees.::: Advertisements::: Word of Mouth Publicity:: Price at which the brand is sold::: Celebrity/Big Entity association