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Fun Things To Do In PunePune, formerly called Poona, derives its name from Punya-Nagari, meaning the blessed city. Living ...
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Fun things to do in pune


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A Blog on fun things to do in Pune by India's largest online travel portal.

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Fun things to do in pune

  1. 1. Fun Things To Do In PunePune, formerly called Poona, derives its name from Punya-Nagari, meaning the blessed city. Living underthe shadow of its glamorous cousin, Mumbai, Pune has thus far been to the denizens of Maharashtra whatMysore is to Bangaloreans – a place to plan their retirement in. But having broken free of the shackles of thisodious comparison, Pune today is a city teeming with the best that any metropolis has to offer, whileretaining its old worldly charm.Being the cultural capital of Maharashtra (take that, Mumbai!), and with the majority of the populationbeing Hindu, Pune is home to many temples, most notable among them being the Halwai Ganpati templeand the Parvati temple on Parvati hill. For those interested in religious places with historic significance,there is the temple of Dakshinamurthy, situated near the confluence of three rivers, Bhima, Indrayani andBhama. For those with a fascination for architecture, there’s the world famous Pataleshwar rock-cut templecomplex built in the 8th century, as also the Aga Khan Palace, Shaniwarwada and Lal Mahal. ISKCON alsohas built a temple in Pune, the Shri Radha Kunjbihari temple.If you’re more spiritually inclined but not religiously so, there is the world famous Osho Ashram, going bythe name of Osho International Meditation Resort, on the outskirts of the city. Founded by the late BhagwanShree Rajneesh, fondly known as Osho, who preached “free love”, this ashram is one of the most popularspiritual retreats of the world, attracting visitors from over a hundred countries.Pune is the largest city in the Western Ghat region and is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, theSahyadris, which have been an inspiration to travelers and poets for centuries. Trekking and hiking theSahyadris have long held fascination for the adventurous and the romantics at heart. The Sinhagad fort,located just outside the city, is one of the key tourist destinations. The north-western suburbs boast of amanmade lake, the Pashan Lake.Being the cultural hub of the state, Pune boasts of richness in terms of arts, craft, theatre, music, festivals andthe like. It is also home to FTII, India’s premier film institute, with the who’s who of the Indian film industrybeing invited for guest lectures and interactive sessions with the students and the larger audience.The Sawai Gandharva music festival held every year in December with Pandit Bhimsen Joshi at the helm ofaffairs fetes the life and achievements of Pandit Sawai Gandharva and attracts classical music enthusiastsfrom all over the country as well as the world. This is one of the most popular Indian classical musicfestivals.If you’re fond of public monuments, memorials and museums, be sure to check out the Pu La DeshpandeGarden, Babasaheb Ambedkar Museum and War Memorial Museum. An environment friendly city thatPune is, it is also home to many gardens, most notable among them the Kamala Nehru Park and the ShahuUdyan.Matheran, a hill station about 2 hours away from Pune, is also a hugely popular tourist destination, knownfor its hilly terrain, located about 800 meters above sea level and verdant lushness for miles and milesaround. Khandala, romanticized in the Aamir Khan- Rani Mukherjee song Aati kya Khandala, is anotherpopular hotspot for visitors to Pune and Mumbai, situated conveniently in between the two cities, easilyreachable on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. While in Khandala, or in Pune for that matter, don’t miss theLonavla chikki.Coming to what one can eat here, Pune is a vegetarian’s delight offering some signature dishes that areloved all over the country. For one, there’s the famous dabeli – the Indian burger that has at its core a mix ofspicy mashed potatoes, peanuts and pomegranate seeds, set inside two halves of a bun and served withsome spicy chutney. This is the main dish when it comes to street food and is sold on street corners as wellas hotels and fast food joints. Traditional Pune food also includes Misal Pav, a variation of the Pav Bhaji andMastani, a thick dried fruit milkshake, named after Mastani, the wife of Baji Rao, a Peshwa during the17thcentury.Pune might well have been known as Mumbai’s country cousin, but it has stayed true to its style and offersa great mix of city comfort as well as small town joie de vivre. You truly have to be blessed to visit this city ofvirtue.Book you Holidays to Pune at