Chardham Yatra


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Chardham Yatra

  1. 1. Literally the Gateway to God, Haridwar is where the River Gangadescends to the plains from the Himalayas. The ghats are where most ofthe religious activity is centred and are teeming with people. Popular alsowith foreign tourists seeking the experience of spiritual India, Haridwar isfamous for its Ayurvedic therapies and herbal healing.Thousands gather at Har ki Paudi every evening to partake in the ritualwhere the air resounds with gongs, drums and chanting and priests coaxhypnotic sounds out of conch shells, all reaching a crescendo. Later, amyriad diyas and marigold flowers float in the waters. A breathtaking sight
  2. 2. Set at an elevation of 1,352 mtr above sea level, Uttarkashi is an importantpilgrimage destination for Hindus. The picturesque town, situated on thebanks of Bhagirathi River, also draws adventure seekers in large numbers.Uttarkashi is home to several temples and ashrams, with Lord VishwanathTemple being the most important. Other noted temples of the town areGyaneshwar Temple, Bhairav Temple and Ekadash Rudra Temple. Everyyear on the occasion of Magh Mela (January 14), devotees visit the town totake a holy dip in Bhagirathi River.
  3. 3. Guptakashi is one of the most vital places of pilgrimage according to Hindureligion as it houses the Lord Shiva Lingam, which was brought fromKashivishweshwar Temple in Varanasi. Besides a pilgrimage centre,Guptakashi is a beautiful and quiet town surrounded by the majesticHimalayas.
  4. 4. Kedarnath is supposed to be one of the twelve Jyotirlings of Lord Shiva.Located at the head of river Mandakini, Kedarnath is a pilgrimage centre forHindus. According to Hindu legend, the Pandavas were seeking blessingsfrom Lord Shiva after the Mahabharata war. He eluded them and fled toKedarnath, where they followed him. To disguise himself, he took the formof a bull. He dived into the earth to escape them, leaving his hump back.This protrusion is now worshipped as the holy shrine of Kedarnath
  5. 5. Badrinath is a paradise for nature lovers. Home to the Neelkanth Peak ofthe Char Dham, Badrinath is guarded on either side by twomountains, Narand Narayan. The Badrinath Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu faces theAlaknanda River and has a hot water spring known as ‘Tapt Kund,famed to have medicinal properties.Besides its religious significance, the Badrinath Temple is an architecturalsplendour. The three parts of the temple - Garbha Grih, Darshan Mandapand Sabha Mandap are designed with the precision of a genius.
  6. 6. Package ItineraryDay 1: Delhi to HaridwarDay 2: Haridwar – Janakichatti, stopover Place Mussorie & BarkotDay 3: Janakichatti to Yamunotri [05 Kms trek one way]Day 4: Janakichatti to Gangotri[158 Kms]Day 5: Visit at Gangotri temple and later leave to UttarkashiDay 6: Visit to Kashi Vishwanath before leaving for KedarnathDay 7: Proceed to Gaurikund and later trek at KedarnathDay 8: Post early breakfast, leave for Birhi. Lunch en routeDay 9: Drive and stay at Patli Putra Sadan, Badrinath.Day 10:Post breakfast leave for Kirtinagar.Day 11:Proceed to Haridwar, en route visit Rishikesh.Day 12:Depart from Haridwar to Delhi for your return journey.
  7. 7. Click to check for Rates & DatesDeparture from New Delhi Price Details •Single Occupancy : Rs. 27,999 •Twin Sharing : Rs. 19,999 •Extra Adult : Rs. 17,999 •Child with Bed : Rs. 13,999 •Child without Bed : Rs. 7,999 •Infant :Rs. 1,999
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