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Guru nanak life and teachings


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Sikhs 1st Guru

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Guru nanak life and teachings

  1. 1. The Life of Guru Nanak1stGuru of Sikhswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  2. 2. For FreeScience Videosfor Kidsvisitwww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kidswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  3. 3. Birth of the Great Guru• In the small town of Talwandi lived a mancalled Mheta Kalu and his wife Tripta.• He was well known and respected in thetown.• Late one night he was feeling worried,nervously walking up and down the garden ashis wife was just about to have a baby. Soonhe was called by the nurse who told him hehad a new baby boy.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  4. 4. A special baby• “But I didn’t hear a baby cry,”replied Kalu.• “I know. I saw a strange light whenhe was born, and instead of cryinghe smiled at me. I think he is goingto be someone special!” explainedthe nurse.• This made Kalu very happy, he gavethe nurse a gift of money.• “Thank you, and thank God.”www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  5. 5. Congratulations• Kala rushed to the room and was very pleasedto see his daughter Nanaki holding her newbrother proudly. Soon everyone in the townof Talwandi knew and came to congratulateKalu. Everyone was given sweets.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  6. 6. The Unique One• A few days later an astrologercame to visit, and was asked toprepare a horoscope for the baby.• Hardyal Dass said “Sir, your son will be agreat leader and many people will loveand respect him.”• The son was then named Nanak, meaning‘the unique one.”www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  7. 7. Birth Place Name• Later the name of the small town was calledNankana Sahib meaning ‘a place whereNanak came.’• This place is now in Pakistan – a fewkilometres from the city of Lahore.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  8. 8. Birth placeof GuruNanakwww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  9. 9. Growing Up• Nanak grew up to be a fine youngman but was more interested inthinking and spending time with themonks rather than doing any work.• One day Kalu had an idea. He gavehim 20 rupees, told him to take it tothe city, buy something, sell it andmake a profit. Earn his living!www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  10. 10. Hunger• Reluctantly he went. He went on hisjourney with his friend Bala.• In the city he saw some monks sittingunder trees. They looked pale and frail.They told Nanak they had not eaten for 3days.• “Wait there!” said Nanak and went intothe city. He bought food for the monksand took it back to them. “Bless you,”they said.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  11. 11. An Angry Father• But now it was Nanak’s turn to be sad. He had toreturn home to face his angry father.• As his father was telling him off, Nanak said “whatcould be a better bargain than feeding the hungry?”• This made Kalu even angrier and was about to strikeNanak but his sister saved him from punishment. Sheasked if he could live with her and her husbandinstead. Kalu agreed.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  12. 12. • Nanak started his first job as a storekeeper atSultanpur.• He would often explain his ideas to peoplegathered in the village. People liked the wayhe explained how to love and follow God.• Some began to call him a ‘GURU’ which meansa teacher. Others called him ‘SAT GURU’which means true teacher.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  13. 13. God’s Message• One morning, when Nanak was 30 years old, he went to bathein the river. He disappeared and people thought he haddrowned.• Three days later, the reappeared and remained silent for awhole day.• Then he said: “There is neither a Hindu nor as a Muslim, onlyGod’s path and I shall follow God’s path.”• He meant that all human beings are EQUAL in God’s eyes aswas not interested in labels.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  14. 14. Starting his journeys• Nanak decided to journey around all the partsof India to share his teaching and ideas.• He travelled with his close friends Bala andMardana.• We share learn about Guru Nanak’s beliefsand teachings through this unit of work.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  15. 15. His last journey• Guru Nanak spent 20 years making 4 longjourney spreading his messages. Peoplejoined him in his beliefs.• He finally settled on the banks of the RiverRavi.• People would gather there and praytogether.• In the evening everyone would cooktogether in the same kitchen, and atetogether – not matter how rich or poorthey were.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  16. 16. • Every person’s faith must berespected.• Forceful conversion is an evil deed• Every person has a right to freelythink, speak and pursue a faith of hisor her choiceGURU NANAK’S MESSAGEGURU NANAK’S MESSAGE
  17. 17. • Be true in thought, words anddeeds• Judge a person by his deeds andnot by his class or status• Be kind, truthful, and humble.GURU NANAK’S MESSAGEGURU NANAK’S MESSAGE
  18. 18. A final argument• After the death of Nanak both Hindus andMuslims argued as to who should do thefuneral service. Hindus wanted him cremated,Muslims wanted him buried.• The body of Guru Nanak was lying under asheet.• A wise man appeared and told them to lookbelow the sheet. There was no body, just afew flowers.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  19. 19. A final solution• They realised that Nanak himself who had totell them not to quarrel.• The flowers and the sheet were divided intotwo halves.• The Hindus cremated their half, the Muslimsburied theirs.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  20. 20. • Contributed by:Dr. Harpreet Singh,Khalsa College,Amritsarwww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  21. 21. For FreeScience Videosfor Kidsvisitwww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kidswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids