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Creative activism


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A presentation for a training course on Global Learning and Creative Activism. The TC was an Action 4.3 project within the EU Youth in Action programme, and so funded by Léargas, the irish National Agency for the YiA Programme.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Creative activism

  1. 1. Creative Activism What is it???
  2. 2. Our world…
  3. 3. interconnected
  4. 4. interdependent
  5. 5. Small changes…
  6. 6. … big impacts
  7. 7. activism
  8. 8. culture
  9. 9. webs
  10. 10. How we see the world
  11. 11. worldviews
  12. 12. creativity
  13. 13. imagination
  14. 14. play
  15. 15. Another world is possible
  16. 16. Cultural Activism: TRAPESE <ul><li>Verson , p. 173, DIY Handbook, Trapese Collective: </li></ul><ul><li>For me, cultural activism is campaigning and direct action that seeks to take back control of how our webs of meaning, value systems, beliefs, art and literature, everything, are created and disseminated. It is an important way to question the dominant ways of seeing things and present alternative views of the world. </li></ul>