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Brand Messaging and B2B Marketing Testimonials for Daisy McCarty


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Brand Message Clarity is proud to serve B2B clients who need help with branding in a way that really gets the message across!

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Brand Messaging and B2B Marketing Testimonials for Daisy McCarty

  2. 2. ” ““I was struggling to help my market understand what makes our solution different and better. When Daisy provided the roadmap with our key differentiators, I just took the wording and pasted it into the proposal I was working on. The prospect said it was clear how much more they would get with ApproveShield vs. the competition and was excited to sign up. I finally know what to say to get the point across and move the needle with sales!” - DAMON MCCALL, CEO APPROVESHIELD This full-service background check and screening company brought a new and superior solution to the multi-family rental industry. ApproveShield needed to be able to clearly show value, especially given the much higher price point compared to existing solutions. The client started closing more new business within days of receiving the finished roadmap.
  3. 3. ” “Daisy worked with me on developing a brand message to take my new operational printing solution to market. I was so focused on the technical side of things that I wasn’t communicating the real business value it delivers—so customers had no reason to listen. After working with Daisy, I know exactly what to say to grab the attention of my prospects. I’ve hired other companies in the past to help me get my message across, but there’s just no comparison. Daisy took the time to fully understand my business and my industry.” - ROBERT MONTELONGO, CEO PLANMATRIX This operational printing company developed a proprietary software solution for the retail space planning industry. The founder needed a succinct way to talk about the benefits of the solution and not get bogged down in describing or explaining features. With a limited target market, he couldn’t afford to burn any leads with an off-target pitch. We highlighted the true value of the solution for each decision-maker in the buying process and gave him the language to engage and persuade his prospects.
  4. 4. ” “I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Daisy recently. I found her strengths to be in listening well to everything I said, researching the backup documents that I sent her, and ultimately delivering an exceptionally well-written synthesis for our website that fully grasped our complex value proposition. Many people can write well, but few are willing to do their homework to fully understand your business. Daisy did this eloquently and with good humor. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a exceptional marketing/branding wordsmith! - JANE ALLEN, CEO/FOUNDER SMART WORK INSIGHTS/SMART WORK NETWORK This talent management and assessment company was planning to expand its U.S. presence. The client was struggling to differentiate from competitors and explain a highly complex solution to prospects. They repositioned from a commodity among many in a crowded market to a consulting value prop that clearly demonstrated the superiority of their service.
  5. 5. ” “"Early this year, our team met with Daisy to create a branding strategy. As a nonprofit, private school we were having a difficult time getting our message 'heard'. Daisy listened to what we were attempting to communicate, asked questions for clarification, and created a branding message that was clear, concise and exactly what our audience was looking for! This year our enrollment has dramatically increased as a direct result of Daisy's expertise. We highly recommend Daisy McCarty." - DONELLA CECERLE, FOUNDER MAKARIOS COMMUNITY SCHOOL This private school for self-directed learners was struggling to attract their target demographic to grow enrollment. Within 30 days of implementing their new brand message, they started reaching and converting their desired leads. Within one semester school enrollment doubled. Now, they are moving to a larger facility to continue growing the school.
  6. 6. ” “"I wanted to fill my sales pipeline and be working at full capacity in 3 years. I hit that goal in 6 months after working with Daisy, and I'm landing precisely the kind of clients I want. The biggest takeaway for me was clarity." - AMBER ANTOLIK, CORPORATE LEADERSHIP COACH This corporate leadership coach had been presenting her message to the wrong audience, focusing on clients rather than the sponsors within the organization at the C-level who actually made the decision to bring her on board. With a refocused brand message, she cut the time to fill her pipeline by 80%, without spending on marketing or advertising.
  7. 7. ” “Within 30 days of the new brand message going live, prospects started telling me that the content on my company website was the #1 reason they chose to engage in an exploratory conversation me. It was that on target! - DAVID DAESCHLER, FOUNDER SLIDEWAVE This custom software company specializes in UI/UX design and workflow automation. They had worked in a wide variety of industries for different clients and were struggling to narrow down the best clients to pursue. After figuring out the buyer personas and retargeting the brand message, SlideWave was able to effectively engage their ideal market.
  8. 8. ” “WOW! Daisy far exceeded my expectations in both her brand message development process and her talented word-smithing. Everyone in any business needs great messaging to tell their story and succeed, but if you work with Daisy, I assure you she will not disappoint. I've worked with many agency copywriters through my various work roles, and none have taken such a comprehensive brand messaging development approach. She nailed it all first draft, which is unheard of in my experience! - JOHN LAUDENSLAGER, CHAIRMAN BROTHERSKEEPERS This veteran-focused nonprofit needed messaging segmented and aligned with what mattered most to their target markets of donors, volunteers, and sponsors. Armed with detailed buyer personas and messaging, they were able to hit the ground running with marketing campaigns to drive engagement and fulfill their organization’s mission.
  9. 9. ” “I wanted to be able to reach both an individual and business audience with a very unique offering while maintaining my own voice in the process. Daisy really listened to what I needed and helped me find the right balance. My messaging encompasses everything I do and still sounds like “me”. No one else had been able to do that for me before. - ERICA STANULIS, FOUNDER FOLLOW THE SUN This transformational consultant was struggling to bring together a message that would appeal to individuals and business leaders while combining Western and Eastern concepts that might be new to her target audience. She ended up with a message that she can confidently take to market to attract an audience that resonates with the same values.
  10. 10. ” “We work with Daisy on projects when the client has given up trying to write their own content or knows from the beginning they won’t be able to write it well on their own. Her process of interviewing the clients to best understand their business is very well developed. Then she is able to take the information she learned and turn it into compelling content. She speeds up our projects exponentially! - JOHN HILL, IRON EGG WEB DEVELOPMENT Iron Egg is a great example of a web design and development firm augmenting their services with my branding expertise. Having me take their clients through the development of brand messaging helps websites go live faster so the web agency can get paid for their hard work. Clients are thrilled with their unique and compelling content that truly showcases the value of their product or service.
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