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Spotted @ Interactivism


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"Spotted" Android App @ Interactivism Accessibility Hack, London June 2011. Please see for more information

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Spotted @ Interactivism

  1. 1. Sp ttedspot it share it
  2. 2. What is the problem?A wide range of people experiencedifficulties accessing everydaygoods, services & venues.
  3. 3. Motivation?•  Ageing population•  By 2033 23% of population will be 65+ &5% will be 85+•  10 million disabled people (5 million 65+)•  40% disabled people experienced accessdifficulties in last 12 months
  4. 4. What is it?•  Free mobile phoneapp•  Android•  Open source
  5. 5. How does it work?•  Share examples of good/bad design/access•  People add photo and / or text description•  Select category: Love, Hate, Spotted•  Contribution sent to website
  6. 6. Who is it for?•  Older people•  People living with disabilities•  Carers, friends & family•  People with an interest in inclusive design
  7. 7. Proof of concept
  8. 8. This is Sheila…•  Cerebral Palsy (CP)•  Mobility: crutches/wheelchair•  Loves: Wii•  Uses to play games, keep fit& internet•  Remote easy to hold & use•  Exercise while sitting down•  Access BBC iPlayer•  Shared on Enabled by Design
  9. 9. This is David…•  Wheelchair user/epilepsy•  Hates: steps & crap access•  Visited museum•  Website info: full access•  Reality: stairs everywhere, noramps & no lifts•  Shared on Go Genie
  10. 10. Live Demo Given