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2012 Social Media Week - Twitter Rotation


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Published in: Technology
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2012 Social Media Week - Twitter Rotation

  1. 1. Social MediaResidency @MakalaJohnson
  2. 2. @DeltaAssist
  3. 3. Twitter (since 2006)• Over 500 million Twitter accounts (Over 100 million in U.S.)• 175 million tweets daily (Thousands of tweets per second)
  4. 4. Vernacular• Handle = username (@makalajohnson)• Retweet = Forwarding another user’s tweet to all of your followers• Modified Tweet = Twitter etiquette applied to edited tweet (MT)
  5. 5. Vernacular• Follow = choose to receive another’s tweets in your newsfeed• Hashtag = the # symbol is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet • #MCCSM = Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media • #SMinMN = This Residency• Direct Message = private tweet sent to a follower
  6. 6. Lists• Curated stream• Can follow the list and see their tweets without following all the individuals in that list
  7. 7. Promoted Trends / Tweets• Purchased to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement from existing followers
  8. 8. @MayoClinic
  9. 9. Sample Tweets
  10. 10. Twitter Chats (TweetChat)
  11. 11. Online Ideation Chat #POTF
  12. 12. Twitter•• Management Systems: HootSuite, TweetDeck• Measurement: (and custom-shortened domain),, TweetReach• Mobile apps• TwitPic
  13. 13. Questions? @makalajohnson