Puma Digital Marketing Plan


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This slide presents Digital strategies and tools to be used by PUMA marketing Team. This Slide share was submitted as Academic Assignment For the New Media Class at Michigan State University by David Makacha. It is not an official Slide from Puma.

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  • This is just an Academic Work, without anything to do with PUMA.
  • Puma Digital Marketing Plan

    1. 1. Digital Marketing Plan For Puma Presented By David Makacha
    2. 2. MARKETING OBJECTIVES • To increase sales revenue by10% • To increase market share in Africa by 5% • To make Puma appear in the top ten of Sportswear searches in Search engines • To Increase brand awareness through social networks
    3. 3. BUDGET Budget Reconciliation in US Dollar Facebook Likes and Post Promotion 1 090 800 Google Ad words 180 000 Super sport Website Banner Ads 100 000 Google Banner Ads (Desktop and Mobile) 10 100 000 Twitter Promos 25 000 Pinterest Promos 25 000 Your Tube Videos 1 800 000 Advertising Agency (180days x 5hrs/day x $250/hour) Incidentals (Unexpected costs) TOTAL 250 000 + 500 000 $14. 070. 800
    4. 4. TARGET CONSUMERS • Status: Online shoppers of middle income • Geographic: Germany, South Africa and USA • Sex- Men and Women • Ages 20-45
    5. 5. MEDIA STRATEGIES FACEBOOK Win puma sneakers, t-shirts, shorts or any product by simply liking our page. How easy is that? Status update: You want to look Smart this Winter? Then PUMA is ready for you. Sponsored Posts Sponsored New Arrivals, Men’s sneakers. Hit like, buy now and don’t forget to share this post with your friends
    6. 6. Keywords are: o Puma shoes o Puma women o Sports wear o Men Sneakers o Puma Amazon Puma Sports Equipment Puma offers the best Sporting Regalia Buy Your Puma Sportswear Online http://www.shop.puma.c om
    7. 7. Banner Ads Puma: Producing Sports wear for Winners Click here for our products
    8. 8. MEDIA STRATEGIES CONTINUATION…. • Write about puma products and sports Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization • Blog About Puma and its Products Blogs • Optimize that content
    9. 9. Tweet Puma Pin Puma View Puma Email About PUMA
    10. 10. EVALUATION: KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 1) Sales Volume Increase, did it hit the target 2) Google Analytics- Measure traffic to the websites, trace the origins and demographics (ROI). 3) Klout- to check the social networks influence 4) HootSuite to check for Facebook and Twitter Results 5) Facebook Insights- number of people a message reached and conversion through rate