Letters of complaint


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Letters of complaint

  1. 1. COMPLAINT LETTERS Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with your service. Two weeks ago I ordered a puzzle of the map of Madrid with 500 pieces. According to your website, delivery would take two weeks, however, it took a month. When I finally received the puzzle, a week later to my husband’s birthday, it wasn’t as I ordered. It came incomplete (it only had 488 pieces), and the map was absolutely distorted. That wasn’t Madrid at all! Imagine when I gave the gift to my husband, days after his birthday and incomplete! Added to all this, the deliveryman was really rude to us. He treated us as mean people because we refused to pay him anything for the delivery service… It was stated on your website that delivery was included in the cost! I was told to write a letter of complaint if I had any problem, so here it is. Also, I was informed that I would have a full refund if I was not satisfied, so that is why I am writing. We expect a letter of explanation as well as a full refund of our money. I look forward to hearing from you within the next week. Yours faithfully, Joaquina
  2. 2. December, 6th 2013 Dear FOX editor, I am following Castle television series and I am writing a complaint because lately you have been repeating the same chapters. I hope you understand that, under these conditions, it is not possible to follow the plot of the series. I live in an incredibly small, almost hamlet, village and as you can imagine finding entertainment in a village this small is monumentally difficult. I love the series and it is one of my favourite hobbies to watch it with my friends every Saturday, so please try to issue the series in order, chapter by chapter without repeating. I have spent several months watching the same episodes and my friends and I do not want to continue like this, I hope you understand why. Furthermore I have tried to communicate with you by phone and when I called your helpline, it took me three quarters of an hour to get through. Also, when I did, the five-minute useless conversation cost me seven pounds. I hope this letter will be also helpful to you. I think many of your viewers will be also annoyed and that can make your audience go down significantly. As compensation for these months of bad issuing of the series, I think you should issue three straight episodes of the new season of Castle in the same day. I look forward to your response. Yours faithfully, Carolina Duro Penkova
  3. 3. Dear Sir/Madam, I'm writing to complain about the toy truck I bought in a shop called “Toys for Children” on December 15 this year and the service I received when I bought the toy truck. When I was in the shop I asked the seller if this toy was suitable for five-year-old children and he said yes. We checked the instructions and it said "suitable for four-year-old children or older”. So I bought the toy. On Christmas Day the child hurt himself badly when his finger was trapped between the wheels and the body of the truck. So we had to go to the hospital, where the doctor told me that these kinds of toys are very dangerous because the space between both parts is too small for this age. I went to the shop and told the seller what happened with the toy. He said it was not his problem and I was informed that I should talk to you. That is the reason why I am writing to you, to let you know what happened and to ask for a solution. This toy is dangerous and I think it should be taken out of the market. In my opinion, you should compensate us for the damage caused. I look forward to your response. Yours sincerely, Marisa Aguilera Santiago.
  4. 4. Fernando López Veloso. EOI Embajadores, Intermediate II, 2013. Dear Sir, Last month I bought a bike machine for a Christmas present at your shop. I paid it and, following my order, you sent it to my home some days after, just for Christmas Day. I immediately realised that there was something wrong with the bike machine you sent me. It was not the same as the sample in the shop. It is another much more expensive model which is too good for my wishes. The bike machine I bought doesn’t have any training computer, or vibration position as the one you sent me. I called the customer service where you are the director and they said to me that there was not any other bike machine like the one I bought. The best solution was to keep the other best bike you sent me at the same price. I explained them it was not a good solution for me, but they did not want to hear me. They rejected my complaint. So, I have decided to write this letter of complaint because I feel your solution is unfair for the following reasons: I spent a lot of time at your store looking for the perfect bike machine for me: the cheapest one, the oldest model, its strap had an obvious defect, its wrist was cracked and its seat was very uncomfortable. It was a horrible fit machine. But it was my perfect choice. And you gave me the best fit machine in the market. There is no law. I would like to give away a “poisoned” Christmas present to my mother-in-law (because her doctor indicated her this specific exercise) so she suffers with the bike machine I’d choosen as I’d suffered because of her continuous crude comments about me during last twenty years. But she is happy with her new toy. She is gasping all day plugging the vibration position and I suffer for it. I only want you to understand that you destroyed my Christmas wishes. I’ll protest strongly to Santa at the way in which you have conducted this matter. Merry Christmas, Fernando López Veloso
  5. 5. 23 St. José Street 28941 Madrid 9 Decembre 2013 18 Summer Street 00155 London Dear Mr Smith, I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with your last letter with details of our rental conditions change which make our situation difficult. To begin with, the last rent rise was three months ago and the new rise will mean we have to get one tenant which is impossible, because my husband and I are expecting a son who will be born in March and we will need all the bedrooms. Added to all this, the last month I wroteabout the heating, it does not work and the repair work has not yet been carried out. I would be grateful if you could arrange for the heating to be fixed within the next two days and I would appreciate it if you could contact me on 00 34 1234 4321 to discuss about the rent rise. Yours Sincerely, Pilar Martínez
  6. 6. Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to complain about the purchase I made on your website on 12 December this year and also the service I have received. I bought a 150 piece- custom puzzle of for a Christmas gift to my nine-year- old son. I have to say that everything offered at your sales page was incorrect. According to you, prior to 15 December orders arrive before Christmas. However, the shipping reached my home on 27 December, three days later than Christmas day, although the order was done 4 days before the date guaranteed. This has been a big problem for us as we had to improvise a Christmas gift for our son. In addition, as the delivery did not arrive, I sent a number of emails but they were never answered. To make matters worse, you offer a durable box and we found that the tin was punched and deformed on the corners, making it almost impossible to put the lid once removed. But the worst was that we sent a photograph of our pet to customize the puzzle but we received a puzzle with a picture of a hunting scene: several men photographed carrying shotguns next to a dead elephant. After all these facts, a minor problem is that the package did not include the gift card which had a Santa’s message to our son. As you understand, all these facts are unacceptable. Therefore, we expect a letter of explanation and certainly a substantial refund as compensation for all these nonsense. We were seriously annoyed, especially because it affected the illusion of our son. We feel that at least you should send the real puzzle with the indicated text and also return the purchase money and shipping. Yours faithfully, Juan Carlos (NI2. M-W 19-21.15)
  7. 7. 3 Laurel Street 28005 Madrid 9 November 2013 Customer Information Point Vodafone Sol Station Metro Madrid Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with Accessibility in Metro Madrid, in particular with measures to access Vodafone Sol Station, Line 1. Yesterday, I had to go from Atocha Station to Vodafone Sol Station. Firstly, I made sure that the station had measures on accessibility because I was going to travel with my baby and his baby buggy. When I checked the subway map, I could see the symbol of accessibility in Vodafone Sol Station and therefore I decided to make the journey with my baby. When we arrived in the station, surprisingly, there was no way out, only the stairs, no elevator, no ramp, nothing. How do you explain this? Fortunately, a gentleman helped me to carry my baby to the hall. I expect a letter of explanation about this situation I´d also like you to remove the accessibility symbol from the station so nobody else has the same problem. I really think that symbol should not exist if it does not match reality. Yours faithfully, Alicia Trigueros
  8. 8. Student: Silvia Gómez Velasco. Group: 2013-2014 Intermediate Level 2. Monday and Wednesday: 19:00-21:30. LETTER OF COMPLAINT www.gitsmappedout.com 10 Convenio Street 28007 Madrid / Spain 7 January 2014 Dear Sir / Madam, I’m writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with the puzzle I bought from your website on 21st November last year, and the service I have received. When I ordered the puzzle, I was informed that delivery would take two weeks, but in fact it took six weeks, arriving too late to use it as my son’s Christmas gift, so I have used it as my son’s Three-Wise-Men gift. When I finally received the puzzle, its packaging was opened and broken, but I tried to fix and wrap it, because it was the only present that I had for him that day. The size chosen by me had 500 pieces, but in my box there were only 250 pieces, so while my irritation grew bigger, my son began to put together the pieces and I discovered that it was not a personalised jigsaw puzzle with my son’s photo, but it was a simple earth map. However, the worst thing of all was when my son discovered who Three-Wise-Men are, because you sent me the puzzle on Saturday afternoon, when I explained it should be delivered in the mornings, and never at the weekend. So I rang to complain, but I was told that I should have written more carefully the size and the time specifications. Please contact me as soon as possible to let me know what you are going to do about to this because on your website you promised a full refund if I was not satisfied. Money isn’t the most important thing in this case, what matters the most is that your business has broken my son’s dream. Yours faithfully, Ms Gómez.