Amsterdam Da Lio, Bertolin, Leandri, Volpato


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Amsterdam Da Lio, Bertolin, Leandri, Volpato

  1. 1. This presentation is made by: Bertolin Tania Da Lio Angelica Leandri Sveva Volpato Laura
  2. 2. The fifth day: THURSDAY At school Van Gogh Museum Flowers market
  3. 3. The school The canteen
  4. 4. The lessons
  5. 5. In the morning we stayed at school. The meeting point was the canteen before participating in the lessons. Some of us attended Spanish lessons others attended the English ones. Every student has his own "red cupboard" and every day they have to tidy up the canteen.
  6. 7. Potato Eaters
  7. 8. Almond tree
  8. 9. The Crows
  9. 10. The visit to Van Gogh Museum was an extraordinary esperience! We entered one of the most important museum of the world, that's why we were very excited. But being in front of the paintings was even more exciting!!