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Majestic social media portfolio


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Majestic social media portfolio

  1. 1. Social Media & SEO Portfolio
  2. 2. Majestic Social Media CONTENT REACH ENGAGE MONITOR Majestic Social Media© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  3. 3. WE Know THAT A SOCIALMEDIA & SEO STRATEGY WILL HELP YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALSand drive more peopleto your website andincrease your sales!
  4. 4. Content Social Media Statistics What we do!  Spicy Ginger Ambrosia is a blend of  Viral Marketing! raw California wildflower Honey,  bee pollen, certified organic  powdered cinnamon and powdered  Clients and Examples Clients and Examples ginger.  ginger. Content!© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  5. 5. The Rise of Social Media  74% of the worlds Internet surfers visit SM (Nielsen, 2010) o YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook are three of the top seven online  brands visited b d d  Time spent using SM rose 210% in 2009 (Nielsen, 2010) o Average time per person increased 143% g p p o Average time spent on Facebook and Twitter increased 200% and 368%  respectively  Facebook alone catering to 500 million users alone catering to 500 million users o 150 million access via mobile devices  Twitter growing 579% in annual unique visitors (Nielsen, 2010)  SM marketing to grow 34% annually over the next 5 years o US$3.1 billion by 2014 (Forrester Research, 2010)© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  6. 6. The New Age: “Social retailing”  “Shopping meets social networks” (Foresee Results, 2010) 56% of shoppers who interact with social media websites have elected to  56% of shoppers who interact with social media websites have elected to o “friend” or “follow” or “subscribe” to a retailer o More than 50% of online shoppers use Facebook, and of those online  shoppers who engage in social media, more than 80% use Facebook shoppers who engage in social media more than 80% use Facebook o 49% of respondents who “friend” or “follow” companies through social  media do so to learn about special deals and options  o 45% of users do it to learn about products f d l b d o 5% use social media primarily for customer support  However, 60% of retailers do not have a presence on a social networks…  85% of Gen Y shoppers participate in social networking (PriceGrabber, 2010)© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  7. 7. Social Media Marketing What We Do!
  8. 8. How do you reach consumers? You need a web presence and many ways to be found! More quality content Published in more places = More customers!© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  9. 9. How do you reach consumers? We publish  We create  content content Consumers  We listen &  Social engage comment &  Search Discovery! share Discovery! Reputation!© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  10. 10. What is quality content?© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  11. 11. Social Media Marketing Analysis Social Media Analysis Website Analysis TARGET MARKET! TARGET MARKET! Strategic Planning Goals G l Vision Vi i Mission Mi i Operative Planning p g Social Media Blog Marketing SEO + Bookmarking E‐Commerce Online PR© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing CISS Formula© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  13. 13. Social Media Tactics
  14. 14. Social Media Applications We utilize all of these!© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  15. 15. Overall Strategy
  16. 16. Business Directories Publish PR Releases www local com Share Content Power Point Presentation or Documents www reddit com p g And more directories and more© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  17. 17. Viral Marketing Classified Ads Blog Set up and Publishing and more Website Integration p g Blog Integration And more© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  18. 18. Keyword Optimization Bookmark Website Create Backlinks Website C W b it Creation + ti Optimization Social Media Marketing SEO and We create and optimize Bookmarking websites and showcase all of your offers! -Interactive - Special Offers - Discounts y - Contests, etc. & more© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  19. 19. Contests, Trends & Ideas! CQ/s/dark
  20. 20. Contest Suggestions! Facebook Treasure Hunt This contest model involves posing questions to your fan page and  providing clues or answers on your website. To participate, Facebook  idi l bi T i i F b k users must look for the answer on your website and then answer the  question with a comment to your status update or note. This contest  model provides the additional benefit of driving traffic to your website.  © Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  21. 21. Contest Suggestions! Tag Yourself In this contest model, you upload a photo album of your products to  your Fan page. Ask your Fans to tag their name to a product to win  that product. To maximize this contest model, upload 1 picture every  h d T i i hi d l l d1 i few days to encourage Fans to keep returning to your page. As an  alternative, ask Fans to post a review or testimonial of your product  in the photo comments.  © Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  22. 22. Social Scanning
  23. 23. Smartphones are the latest trend. What this means is that any  S t h th l t t t d Wh t thi i th t smartphone owner can fire up a barcode scanning application,  scan a code and complete activities or gain access to  information. You can utilize barcodes that either link to your  information You can utilize barcodes that either link to your website, facebook page, twitter page, or any other url! Also with  a barcode, you can introduce a contest or any kind of special  offer! We recommend to create barcodes that link to your  y facebook and/or twitter and print the code either on postcards,  banners, letters etc.  Also, these barcodes can be used to  conduct contests on your social media profiles! © Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  24. 24. QR Codes – Social Scanning! This would be a sample code! Scan it With your Smartphone!© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  25. 25. Location Marketing
  26. 26. Location services will grow in popularity as people get more  comfortable checking in to a business. Its time to utilize sites,  such as Foursquare, Facebook Places and Gowalla. These sites  q , will help you better target prospects likes and interests, pique  interest and influence purchase decisions by offering discounts,  promotions or giveaways when they “check in” to your business. © Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  27. 27. FACEBOOK PLACES!© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  28. 28. Mobile Marketing
  29. 29. As the mobile arena grows, you should continue to move  As the mobile arena grows you should continue to move marketing campaigns to mobile phones. MessageBuzz and  Enowit offer free demo accounts that allow us to test a mobile‐ marketing campaign. You can start by incorporating a mobile  marketing campaign You can start by incorporating a mobile widget onto our site to help collect mobile numbers through an  automated system and create campaigns specific to area codes  or regions. g© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  30. 30. Viral Marketing We recommend to use videos andpictures slideshows to promote your website and to add to your social media profiles! p
  31. 31. Sample Video http://video214 com/play/pAKJdUne nTWFcqUZ9J1rYg/s/dark http://video214 com/play/ZKU2DO5 UNNbKvkOwFpWaBg/s/dark
  32. 32. 220 Catering www.220catering.com SSIS Senior Security Insurance Services www.ssis.ws
  33. 33. Social Media Platforms
  34. 34. Social Media Platforms that we mainly use www Linkedin com www youtube com© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  35. 35. BusinessDirectories!
  36. 36. Business Directories to put you on! superpages yellowpages hotfrogg hotfrog h tf Citysearch bridgat com Google Maps© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  37. 37. Classified Ad Sites
  38. 38. Classified Ad Sites We create a custom HTML Code for the ads to create a look and feel that suits the brand! global‐free‐classified‐ads Craigslist Craigslist Craigslist Backpages classified yahoo com© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  39. 39. BlogMarketing
  40. 40. Blog Marketing We set up blogs on wordpress in order to be able to promote that blog and treat it as a second website. We promote the blog using the following blogging directories and more! Technorati bl t l g bloggingfusion com© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  41. 41. ContentSharing
  42. 42. Content Sharing We create power point presentations about Your company and products in order to use these presentations for Your blog, social media profiles and in order to publish these presentations on so called content sharing sites see below: sites, below myplick com© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  43. 43. Online PR
  44. 44. Online PR We write and publish PR Releases on a weekly or Bi-Weekly basis on the following platforms & More! free‐press‐ l i© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  45. 45. Bookmarking
  46. 46. Bookmarking We bookmark Your website on the following bookmarking sites and about 300 more more… http://business‐ h // d p // http //bookmarkingpalace info© Majestic Social Media – Full Service Social Media & SEO
  47. 47. Work Examples
  48. 48. Printed Silk Fabrics!SEO + Social Media Client,based in Los Angeles!
  49. 49. TENEVISSEO + Social MediaClient, basedCarlsbad,
  50. 50. Facebook & Twitter Examples
  51. 51. Visit us online