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Why Healthcare organizations use NetApp Storage.


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Why Healthcare organizations use NetApp Storage.

  1. 1. Industry solutIons toP 10 rEAsons HEAltHCArE orGAnIZAtIons CHoosE nEtAPP 1. Expedite and improve patient care. FlexVol technology allows all data volumes 8. reduce time and money spent on data NetApp healthcare data management to share a single pool of physical disk management. Our unified architecture and solutions enable our customers to quickly storage, storage utilization is dramatically simplified data management solutions help access information at one or more remote improved and healthcare organizations get resource-constrained healthcare organiza- facilities. Using NetApp fabric-attached the most out of their storage investment. tions save money by reducing the number storage (FAS) solutions that are purpose- of servers and people needed to manage 5. Ensure continuity of care. Protection built for healthcare, your organization will their storage. In a typical example, a from disk-related failures can be critically expedite patient care and build stronger NetApp healthcare customer quadrupled important to system availability and relationships with your patients and their storage while reducing their IT continuous operation of healthcare among clinical departments. management requirements by 50%. applications. NetApp RAID-DP ™ delivers 2. Increase workflow efficiencies. data protection using 50% less storage 9. Partner with an industry leader. NetApp NetApp has delivered integrated Picture than competing solutions and provides a delivers data management solutions to Archiving and Communication System level of data protection that ensures critical over 1,400 healthcare providers around (PACS) and Electronic Medical Records data is available to healthcare professionals the world, including six of the “Top 10 (EMR) solutions with all of the leading when and where they need it. Hospitals in America” (U.S. News & application providers. These solutions World Report ranking). Leading healthcare 6. safeguard against data loss. NetApp cost-effectively increase departmental institutions choose NetApp to build a data Snapshot™ technology enables full data efficiencies, reduce data-entry errors and management strategy that is based on backups to be executed in minutes billing-report delays, and improve both flexibility and simplicity. without performance degradation. NetApp cash flow and patient care. SnapMirror ® technology provides auto- 10. deliver secure, interactive connectivity 3. Ensure compliance with increasing matic data replication between the data to healthcare networks 24x7. A single, regulatory requirements. NetApp centers of affiliated healthcare networks unified architecture based on open standards compliance solutions for healthcare enable while NetApp SnapRestore ® delivers enables hospitals and healthcare providers secure electronic transmissions, transac- nearly instantaneous data recovery. access to patient information when and tions, and archiving to meet the require- where it is needed. This translates into 7. simplify management of It infrastruc- ments of the SEC, HIPAA, and the EU better patient care, shorter hospital stays, tures. As healthcare organizations grow, Directive. Our SnapLock ® Compliance and millions of dollars in savings. data center infrastructures typically Software and Data ONTAP ® operating become increasingly heterogeneous. ABout nEtWorK APPlIAnCE system deliver write once, read many The NetApp V-Series Virtualized Storage Network Appliance is a leading provider of (WORM) storage that is nonrewritable and System enables storage administrators to innovative data management solutions that nonerasable until a specified retention date. manage heterogeneous storage environ- simplify the complexity of storing, managing, 4. Quickly and easily respond to ments with a single NetApp interface that protecting, and retaining enterprise data. changing demands. NetApp FlexVol ® unifies block and file (NAS, FC SAN, and Market leaders around the world choose technology enables you to grow and IP SAN) storage networking systems NetApp to help them reduce cost, minimize shrink data volumes on the fly without any under a common architecture. risk, and adapt to change. For solutions downtime or disruption for users. Since that deliver unmatched simplicity and value, visit us on the Web at © 2007 Network Appliance, Inc. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. NetApp, the Network Appliance logo, Data ONTAP, FlexVol, SnapLock, SnapMirror, and SnapRestore are registered trademarks and Network Appliance, RAID-DP, and Snapshot are trademarks of Network Appliance, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. DS-2726-1007