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Eval Q7


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Published in: Education
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Eval Q7

  1. 1. 7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? EVALUATION QUESTION 7
  2. 2. Front Cover Front Cover
  3. 3. Front Cover  After looking back at my preliminary task, I believe that my editing skills have improved greatly. For example in my preliminary task I only used iPhoto to edit my image, whereas in my music magazine I used a combination of editing tools on both iPhoto and Photoshop to get a more professional look. For example, I used the clone stamp tool to hide a shadow on the wall in the music magazine.  My photography skills have also improved, in the preliminary task I wasn’t really thinking about the lighting or the composition, I just wanted to get an image I could use. However for the music magazine a lot more thought went into it.  Also on the cover of my music magazine, I used more typical codes and conventions of a magazine, for example a bar code and price. Although they are only small things they do make the magazine look a lot more professional.  I also learnt how to download suitable fonts for my magazines from the internet. For my first magazine I used a font that was already on the computer, whereas with the music magazine I found and downloaded a suitable font off of DaFont. This helped the magazine to look unique and appeal to its target audience. With Photoshop I further enhanced the font to make it stand out even more  I also noticed that my preliminary task had too much blank space, and so changed that for my music magazine to make it look more professional.
  4. 4. Contents
  5. 5. Contents Page  My two contents page’s are very different. On main thing that I learnt is the layout is the most important thing. In my preliminary task I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted it to look like before I made it, therefore it looks very shoddy. Again there is a lot of blank space and big fonts to hide there isn’t much on it. For my music magazine I picked a colour scheme and found a house style and stuck with it, and as I used it throughout the magazine it makes it look so much more professional already. I used a very clear and concise layout that is very atheistically pleasing, therefore luring potential readers in. I also learnt that putting page numbers on images to their corresponding articles also made the magazine appear much more professional. I also added a pun in so that the target audience feel included which is another code and convention of magazines.