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Strategies for Preserving Maine's Collection in Print


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Slides from Matthew Revitt's (Maine Shared Collection Librarian) presentation at the Maine Library Association Conference held in Bangor, Maine on Monday November 16th.

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Strategies for Preserving Maine's Collection in Print

  1. 1. Matthew Revitt, Special Collections and Maine Shared Collection Librarian, University of Maine Strategies for Preserving Maine’s Collection in Print
  2. 2. Drivers for Collection Analysis
  3. 3. Barriers to In-house Collection Analysis  Weeding  Holding comparisons  Analyzing usage  Presenting data  Preservation  Identifying rarity and uniqueness  Identifying retention commitments  Presenting data
  4. 4. Maine Shared Collections is Here to Help!  Ground work for collection analysis service:  Analyzed 3 million items in collections of eight of the largest libraries in Maine  Committed to retain 1.4 million titles for 15 years  Displayed commitments in local and shared catalogs  Titles are still available via existing lending rules, so other libraries can consider weeding their copies
  5. 5. Collection Analysis Service: Weeding  Compare your holdings against our retention commitments  Combine with your local circulation and usage data
  6. 6. Collection Analysis Service: Preservation  Provide lists of your rare titles (according to OCLC) and holding levels in MaineCat  Recommendation for retention commitment candidates  Record retention commitment statements in your catalog
  7. 7. Collection Analysis Service: Preservation
  8. 8. Collection Analysis Service: Advice & Support
  9. 9. Collection Analysis Service: Data Local Holdings Local Holdings OCLC WorldCat OCLC WorldCat MSCC Commitments MSCC Commitments MaineCatMaineCat
  10. 10. Collection Analysis Service: Spreadsheets  Weeding  Overlap with Maine Shared Collections  Sub-set of overlap with titles that have fewer than two circs  Preservation  Titles with zero Maine holdings in OCLCWorldCat and fewer than 75 holdings worldwide  Less than 10 holdings in OCLCWorldCat  Overlap with MaineCat  Summary “all data” spreadsheet  Identified metadata errors  Consulting support to interpret data
  11. 11. Collection Analysis Service: Cost  One off cost:  $350 for under 50,000 print monograph volumes  $420 for 50,000 -100,000 print monograph volumes  Self-nominating option
  12. 12. Results So Far: Growing Number of Participants  30 libraries are at various stages of the collection analysis process:  Belfast Free Library  Central Maine Community College  DorothyW. Quimby Library  Eastern Maine Community College  Edythe L. Dyer Community Library  Freeport Community Library  Jesup Memorial Library  KennebecValley Community College  Merrill Memorial Library  McArthur Public Library  Northeast Harbor Library  Northern Maine Community College  OldTown Public Library  Patten Free Library  Rice Public Library  Rockland Public Library  Scarborough Public Library  Southern Maine Community College  Southwest Harbor Public Library  Thomas College  Topsham Public Library  UMaineAugusta  UMaineAugusta Bangor  UMaine Farmington  UMaine Fort Kent  UMaine Presque Isle  Washington County Community College  Wells Public Library  Witherle Memorial Library  York County Community College
  13. 13. Results So Far: Weeding  Lots of weeding candidates:  37% of monograph collection have a retention commitment at another library  Combined with circ stats, on average 6,000 of those items also have fewer than two local circulations  Is there a good reason for a title being rare?  Guilt free weeding, for example, 442 items at Edythe L. Dyer.  Free up valuable storage space
  14. 14. Results So Far: Preservation  Commitments not too onerous:  On average less than 1% of collection are retention candidates  Average retention commitments amongst public libraries is 47 titles, mostly local interest titles  Contributing towards the common good
  15. 15. Results So Far: Cleaner Data  Correcting metadata errors which benefits other libraries  Still work in progress!
  16. 16. Process for Participating 1. Pull data from your local catalog 2. Run data comparisons in OCLC and MaineCat 3. Compile results 4. Provide results 5. Meet library staff to review results 6. Local review of spreadsheets 7. Check shelves and sign off on retention commitments 8. Sign Maine Shared Collections Cooperative’s Memorandum of Understanding & join Cooperative 9. Record retention commitments in catalog 10. Label retained items
  17. 17. Future Work  Two committees to represent members and plan for future work  Group analysis  15-years in the future
  18. 18. Thank you! @MESharedColls