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An Introduction to Maine Shared Collections


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Slides from Matthew Revitt's (Maine Shared Collections Librarian) presentation at the 2015 Maine Library Directors Institute on Friday June 5th in Augusta, ME.

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An Introduction to Maine Shared Collections

  1. 1. Matthew Revitt, Special Collections and Maine Shared Collection Librarian, University of Maine An Introduction to Maine Shared Collections
  2. 2. Background  Origins of Maine Shared Collections in IMLS funded project.  Project partners:
  3. 3. MSCS Project Results  Analyzed 3 million items  Committed to retain 1.4 million titles for 15 years  Disclosed commitments in local and union catalogs  Implemented E-book-on-demand and print-on- demand services in MaineCat
  4. 4. In the Here and Now  Identify rare and interesting titles in other Maine libraries  Assist libraries with weeding their collections  Promote collection analysis services
  5. 5. The Results So Far….  21 libraries participated in collection analysis process, from URSUS, Minerva & Koha.  Guilt free weeding, for example, 442 items at Edythe L. Dyer to free up valuable storage space.  Contributing towards the common good, average retention commitments amongst public libraries is 40 titles.  Cleaner data
  6. 6. MSCC Collection Analysis Services Local Holdings OCLC WorldCat MSCC Commitments MaineCat
  7. 7. MSCC Collection Analysis Services  Spreadsheet reports provided:  Overlap with Maine Shared Collections  Sub-set of overlap with titles that have fewer than two circs  Titles with zero Maine holdings in OCLC WorldCat  Titles with nine or fewer holdings in OCLC WorldCat  Overlap with MaineCat  Consulting support to interpret data  One off cost:  $350 for under 50,000 print monograph volumes  $420 for 50,000 to 100,000 print monograph volumes  Self-nominating option
  8. 8. Joining Maine Shared Collections  Sign Memorandum of Understanding which includes terms and conditions of retention commitment:  15-year retention period, with 5-year reviews  Libraries retain ownership  Distributed storage  Items lend according to existing ILL and circulation rules  Disclose retention commitments in catalogs  Follow workflows for lost or damaged items  Required to retain only copy of retained titles  No membership fees  Membership has more than doubled over the last six months
  9. 9. Thank you! @MESharedColls