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May 23 MSCS Directors Council & Advisory Board Meeting


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Presentation slides from the May 23 MSCS Directors Council Meeting held at Colby College, Waterville, ME.

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May 23 MSCS Directors Council & Advisory Board Meeting

  1. 1. MSC S Group C ollect ion Summary:C ollect ion usage
  2. 2. M S C S G r o u p C o l l e c t i o nS u m m a r y : O C L C Wo r l d C a tc o u n t s
  3. 3. MSCS Group CollectionSummary: MSC S groupoverlap
  4. 4. M S C S G r o u pC o l l e c t i o n S u m m a r y :L o c a l p r o t e c t i o n r u l e s
  5. 5. MSCS Group CollectionSummary: H at hiTrust &Int ernet A rchive overlap
  6. 6. HathiTrust counts datadiscrepanciesTotal Recs Sent Hathi PD Hathi In CopyrightMSCS 2,920,014 168,451 1,072,292Hathi 2,945,790 360,497 1,088,051Difference* 25,776 192,046 15,759* Larger number of records sent to Hathi – included serials
  7. 7. M S C S G r o u p C o l l e c t i o nS u m m a r y : S u b j e c t s
  8. 8. 295,425208,430393,391341,231232,054403,284374,062204,219267,658-200,000400,000600,000800,0001,000,0001,200,0001 2 3+Number of MSCS Libraries Holding TitleZeroCirculations1-3Circulations
  9. 9.  Begin with titles held by only 1-2 partners. The followingcriteria for making decisions on these titles weredeveloped: Analyze and take action only on pre-2003 copies Retain the copies if any circulation or internal use Retain material that falls into local protection categories(Specific Maine items) even if no circulation Retain Special Collections/Archives copies even if nocirculation Retain materials on course reserves even if nocirculation Retain unique in OCLC (only 0-9 copies in OCLC) even ifno circulation Compare remaining 0 circulation copies with bothHathiTrust and Internet ArchiveMSCS retention criteria one
  10. 10. MSCS scenario one
  11. 11. MSCS scenarioone
  12. 12.  What to do about the remaining 50% of items- those held by 3 or more libraries Requires more in-depth collections analysislooking at factors including: Circulation rates Available storage space Subject strengths Loan periodsAdditional scenariodevelopment
  13. 13. Recording Retention Decisions:OCLC
  14. 14. Central System – WorldCat API
  15. 15. Local Catalog Display
  16. 16. MSCS Shared Print Symbols
  17. 17. Summary quot e f or H at hiTrust C onsort ialMembership