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WebWise 2013 lightning lunch presentation


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MSCS Program Manager Matthew Revitt's lightning lunch presentation delivered at the WebWise Conference, March 7, 2013 in Baltimore, MD.

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WebWise 2013 lightning lunch presentation

  1. 1. Maine Shared Collections Strategy Unique Approach to Manag ing Legacy Pr int Collections  Preservation vs. weeding  Collaboration & trust  Monograph focus  Mixture of public & academic librariesMatthew Revitt,MSCS Program Manager
  2. 2. Maine Shared Collections Strategy Objectives  Workable strategy for stewardship of the major print collections in Maine  Analyze print monographs for duplication & usage  Identify digital surrogates and provide access in union catalog  Identify long-term retention commitments from libraries  Implementation of on demand services  Electronic and print-on-demand options in catalogs  Define sustainable business model for beyond grant & partners  Financial model  Governance structure  Memorandum Of UnderstandingMatthew Revitt,MSCS Program Manager
  3. 3. Maine Shared Collections Strategy Prog ress to Date  Collections analysis  OCLC reclamation  Tools & services  Circulation data reports  Criteria  HathiTrust & Internet Archive  Digital surrogates  Print-On-Demand  OCLC recommendations  MARC 583 Subfield  Shared Print Symbol  Memorandum Of UnderstandingMatthew Revitt,MSCS Program Manager