Collaborating to Preserve Our Print Collections


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Sara Amato (Librarian At Large) 2013 Timberline Conference Presentation, May 19, 2013, Timberline Lodge,

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Collaborating to Preserve Our Print Collections

  1. 1. Maine Shared Collections StrategyCollaborating to Preserve Our Print CollectionsCollaborating to Preserve Our Print Collections
  2. 2. Background...
  3. 3. The Usual SuspectsSpaceBudgetAvailability of Electronic Versions
  4. 4. The Unusual SuspectsMonographic collectionsFocus on retention of historic print collectionsNo library required to deaccessionShared print in place, subject tocirc policies of the holder
  5. 5. GovernanceGrant:Directors CouncilProject TeamGrant Advisory BoardCollections CommitteeTech Serv CommitteeMoving ForwardExecutive CommitteeOutlined in MOUBased on MaineInfoNet
  6. 6. Agreement - MOU“Collection Holders agree not to sell, discard,donate, or otherwise relinquish ownership orcontrol of any of the archived materials prior tothe Retention Date, except to transfer materialsto a Collection Builder or with permission of theCollections and Operations Committee.”15 year commitment - June 30, 2028
  7. 7. ReclamationSent Unresolved New #Ursus 2,100,299 13,232 171,474Colby 474,438 373 26,334Bowdoin 624,164 37,848Bates 656,926 25,101TOTALS 3,855,827 13,605 260,757
  8. 8. Collection AnalysisNumber of copies of a particular work owned by partner librariesNumber of circulating copiesNumber of times a title circulated and date of last circulationNumber of titles/copies uniquely held in the group. In Maine, New England, U.S.Subject strengths across the groupPublic domain titles represented in HathiTrust and Internet ArchiveOverlap between general collections and special collectionsOthers to be determined from the group’s combined data set?
  9. 9. WorldCat Collection Analysis
  10. 10. DIY: MarcEdit SQL Explorer
  11. 11. DIY: WorldCat API{"title":"Allen hex-socket screw handbook","author":"Allen Manufacturing Co.(Hartford, Conn.)","publisher":"Allen Manufacturing Co.","date":"c1979.","OCLCnumber":"13506959","totalLibCount":1,"library":[{"institutionName":"University of Maine at Orono","streetAddress1":"5729 Raymond H Fogler Libr","streetAddress2":"","city":"Orono","state":"ME","country":"United States","postalCode":"04469","opacUrl":" Library&app=wcapi&id=","oclcSymbol":"MEU","distance":"0"}]}
  12. 12. DIY: build a tool
  13. 13. xkcd.comDIY Collection Analysis
  14. 14. SCSValue Added ServicesConsultingBreakdowns by LC and Dewey 100s / 10sRemediationOCLC & LCCN Holdings LookupReports and Database
  15. 15. SCS: Data Normalization
  16. 16. MSCS Project: Round 1Note that first round looked only at titles held by one or two partners.Analyze and take action only on pre-2003 copiesRetain the copies if any circulationRetain "protected" category copies even if no circRetain Special Collections/Archives copies even if no circRetain Reserve activity copies even if no circRetain unique in OCLC (only 0-9 copies in OCLC) even if no circAnalyze against Hathi and Internet Archive (if no circ and Hathi PD consider electronic copy)
  17. 17. Arent you going to check?What is it?Is it on the shelf?What condition is it in?Did it come back (public library recently billeditems)
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Recording Retention Decisions:OCLC
  20. 20. Central System – WorldCat API
  21. 21. Local Catalog DisplayLeft as an exercise to the reader …
  22. 22. Where do we go from hereContinued Collection Analysis on remaindersHathi – POD/EODJournalsAfter grant - inviting others to join
  23. 23. Maine – More than just Lobster!Questions after next talk ....