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An Introduction to Maine Shared Collections


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Slides from a presentation delivered at the 2014 Maine Libraries Conference, November 17, 2014 held in Bangor, ME.

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An Introduction to Maine Shared Collections

  1. 1. An Introduction to Maine Shared Collections Matthew Revitt, Maine Shared Collections & Debbie Lozito, Director of Edythe L. Dyer Community Library
  2. 2. Background  Origins of Maine Shared Collections in IMLS funded project.  Project partners:
  3. 3. Project Results  Analyzed 3 million items  Committed to retain 1.4 million titles for 15 years  Policy on Retention Commitment Changes  Disclosed commitments in local and union catalogs  Implemented E-Book-On-Demand and Print-On- Demand services  Established the Maine Shared Collections Cooperative (MSCC)  Fill in retention gaps and assist in weeding
  4. 4. Edythe L. Dyer Pilot Project  Edythe L. Dyer Community Library chosen as pilot  Demand for collection analysis services
  5. 5. Edythe L. Dyer Pilot Project OCLC WorldCat Local Holdings MSCC Commitments MaineCat
  6. 6. Edythe L. Dyer Pilot Project  Spreadsheet reports provided:  Overlap with Maine Shared Collections  Sub-set of overlap with titles that have fewer than two circs  Titles with zero Maine holdings in OCLC WorldCat  Titles with 10 or fewer holdings in OCLC WorldCat  Overlap with MaineCat  Records that need their metadata cleaning e.g. ISBN, OCLC numbers  All item level records with circulation and OCLC WorldCat holdings data
  7. 7. Edythe L. Dyer Pilot Project  Using data reports to make retention decisions  793 items weeded  36 items committed to retain  Transferred items to collection builder libraries  Signed Memorandum of Understanding  Minerva retention note example
  8. 8. Benefits of joining Maine Shared Collections  Data cleanup  Data-informed collection management decisions  Insurance of retention commitments  Guilt free weeding  Freeing up storage space  Contributing towards common good
  9. 9. Joining Maine Shared Collections  One-off fee for data extract and compiling reports  No membership fees  Group discount  New members coming on board  Koha pilot project
  10. 10. Thank you! @MESharedColls