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Main Street America


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Main Street America Presentation

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Main Street America

  1. 1. america’s Main Streets A new look CLICK THROUGH TO SEE WHAT’S COMING >> for
  2. 2. The new name and look of Main Street builds on 35+ years of Main Street success.
  3. 3. The National Main Street Center will now call our network of coordinating programs and communities Main Street America, reflecting the heritage and breadth of this program.
  4. 4. We’ve also created a new logo that both honors the past and conveys the energy and innovation of the Main Street Network.
  5. 5. The new logo symbolizes a cornerstone of the Main Street program: the four point process.
  6. 6. The four points refer to…
  7. 7. Economic Vitality
  8. 8. Economic Vitality Design
  9. 9. Economic Vitality Design Promotion
  10. 10. Economic Vitality Design Promotion Organization
  11. 11. Economic Vitality Design Promotion Organization
  12. 12. And to round out our new image, we’ve added a new tagline.
  13. 13. main street near you! coming soon to a