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1                              MENU                      Main Ingredient’s weekly E-Journal                    Gourmet Foo...
gourmet foods is what drives our business. We stock a good range of ingredients anddelicious ready-made gourmet foods. You...
3First, we tasted the just bottled 2012 Bon Vallon, grown on rocky hillside soils andcompared it to the Limestone Hill, wh...
Marvellous Monday         We love staying over on Monday when most people have gonehome, as it give us a chance to see peo...
5wine education courses, some very serious and others more geared to fun. You can seedetails here.Chez Gourmet in Claremon...
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120614 Main Ingredient's MENU Taste of Helderberg, Sea Point’s Backyard Grill, Wacky Wine, Dewetshof, new robertson restaurant, cape port producers, events, restaurant specials, courses, products, markets


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120614 Main Ingredient's MENU Taste of Helderberg, Sea Point’s Backyard Grill, Wacky Wine, Dewetshof, new robertson restaurant, cape port producers, events, restaurant specials, courses, products, markets

  1. 1. 1 MENU Main Ingredient’s weekly E-Journal Gourmet Foods, Ingredients & Fine Wines Eat In Guide’s Outstanding Outlet Award Winner from 2006 to 2010 - +27 21 439 3169 / +27 83 656 4169 Click here to Subscribe to MENU or to contact us Click on underlined and Bold words to open links to pictures, blogs, websites or more information Rivierzicht, near Robertson. Flooded accommodation in the Breede RiverIn this week’s MENU: • Products • Our market activities • Taste of Helderberg • Sea Point’s Backyard Grill • Wacky Wine • Dewetshof chardonnays • New Robertson Restaurant, Mo & Rose • Cape Port Producers’ Awards • Events and Restaurant specials • Wine courses & cooking classesProducts We have expanded the new range of tangy French mustards, which sold outlast Saturday. For those and any other products you need, you can access our productlist and see pictures in our website. If you can’t find what you need, let us know andwe will try to find it for you. Until our online shop is ready, drop us an email and wewill help you. We are very happy to see that traffic on our website is increasing andmore orders are coming from it.We have a lot of fun putting MENU together each week and, of course, doing thethings we write about, but making it possible for you to enjoy rare and wonderful
  2. 2. gourmet foods is what drives our business. We stock a good range of ingredients anddelicious ready-made gourmet foods. You can contact us by email or phone, or throughour website. We can send your requirements to you anywhere in South Africa.Our market activities Come and visit us at the Old Biscuit Mill’s brilliant, excitingand atmospheric Neighbourgoods Market, as always, this Saturday and every Saturdaybetween 09h00 and 14h00. Tip: Some visitors tell us how they struggle to find parking.Click here for a map. We will be back at Long Beach Mall on Friday 22nd June from09h00 to 16h00. We look forward to seeing you there.Sometimes, when people see the sort of week we have had (and often have) they ask us“ How do you do it?”. We don’t know how, we just do. Except to say that we both havea great deal of energy (long may that last) and, it seems, less need for sleep than otherpeople. And we absolutely LOVE what we do. There were two more events we wereinvited to yesterday and today that we simply don’t have time to write about, so youcan read all about them in next week’s MENU.Taste of Helderberg Festival This was held at the Lord Charles Hotel between 5and 9 pm on Thursday. We always wonder why some areas put on such a short showwithout an immediate follow-up on their farms, but we enjoy tasting the wines togetherin one location and seeing if there is an area profile. We couldn’t detect anythingparticular on Thursday at the show, but had a lovely time. Annareth Bolton, CEO of theStellenbosch Wine Routes, arranged a microbus for a few of us in the media and we arevery grateful indeed - traffic was horrible at that time of the day; major accidents alongthe N2 caused the trip to take nearly 1½ hours instead of ¾ of an hour. And, becausethe weather was so ugly, we were very relieved that we didn’t have to drive back. Therewere several local restaurants showing their food, offering tasting portions for R25 toR30 and we had a lovely supper tasting some of these and matching them to the localwines which were associated with the restaurants. See the attached photos and blog.We loved Eikendal’s wines, Grangehurst is always top of our list for the area and webought some of the very reasonably priced Sauvignon and Chardonnay from Stonewall.Backyard Grill Local friends introduced us to this newly opened restaurant inRegent Road in Sea Point, just opposite the Weitzman Centre and near New York Bagels.They do indeed have an outside grill, an inside kitchen and, besides the indoorrestaurant, they have a separate relaxing room with a bar, sofas and big screen TV; agreat place to chill and meet your friends before enjoying the food. The outside areawill be lovely in summer but the restaurant is warm and comfortable in the currentwintry weather. The food is quite simple, very well cooked and nicely presented. Youchoose your own meat or seafood from the display fridge and they cook it on the grill.Salads, starches and vegetables are optional. The enthusiastic and friendly owner, JasonShaw, has moved from Durban where he had a restaurant called Fish and he is loving SeaPoint.We thought the squid was marvellous and will be back for more. Our friends arepiscatarians and they had very good food, including a plate of 10 huge tiger prawns,mussels in a cream sauce and yellowtail, which was well-flavoured but slightlyovercooked. We had steak and a half rack of barbeque ribs. The puddings are reallydelicious, and the coffee dark and strong, as we like it. Definitely a find for Sea Pointand not overly expensive. We are very pleased to see quality moving in and attractinggood custom. Their wine list is good and has a well-chosen range of wines at a range ofprices. Click here for the photographs and descriptions.Wacky Wine Sunday We hauled ourselves out of bed enthusiastically at 6 am forthe third day running in order to get to Dewetshof in Robertson for their very interestingguided tasting where they compared chardonnays grown in different terroirs. We madethe 11am start by a hair’s breadth. Johan de Wet and winemaker Mervyn Williamspresented the wines.
  3. 3. 3First, we tasted the just bottled 2012 Bon Vallon, grown on rocky hillside soils andcompared it to the Limestone Hill, which is grown on clay-based soils which add richnessto the wine. This area has the highest free lime in South Africa and it so shows in thewines.The Bon Vallon is currently fruity, almost jube-jube, tropical on the nose and full ofcitrus and stones at the moment. The sweet fruit nose belies the crisp dryness of thewine and there is saltiness on the end. When it settles a little more it will be superb.The Limestone Hill tank sample was still a little spritzy and had much more mineralityand weight. Full of grapefruit flavours, it has more elegance and is less tropical. It alsohas salt on the end.Then the Finesse 2010 Chardonnay from a slightly south facing hill site on stony soil withhigh lime content, compared to The Site 2011 single vineyard Chardonnay. The vineyardwas established in 1986, Finesse has a smoky vanilla nose and, on the mouth, toastedoak - then long flavours of citrus including grapefruit and limes and then minerality. Thisis a wine that goes with everything and is Dewetshof’s biggest restaurant seller.Then we got to the main reason for our visit: to taste the Bateleur 2009 together withthe Joseph Drouhin Clos de Mouches 2009 to see how wines which originated from thesame vines compared. See the blog for the tasting notes and photographs.LOTS MORE LIFE FROM STONE .... Next, we rushed off to Springfield to tastethe new vintages of their two Sauvignons Blanc: Life From Stone and Special Cuvee andsome of their other wines. We liked them both so much that we bought a case of each.They are very different each year, the Special Cuvée is showing best now, we think, andthe Life From Stone will be marvellous in a few months time. The Wild Yeast Chardonnayhas always been a favourite and the Work of Time and Whole Berry red blends are alsowonderfully fruity and deep.We had a lovely lunch of divinely fresh braaied yellowtail in a citrus grill sauce, caughtand cooked by Abrie Bruwer, the owner winemaker, the previous day and a good PregoRoll with a nice mixed salad. We followed our usual procedure, ate half and thenswopped plates, so we each got to eat both. We had a glass of the Special Cuvée withlunch, enjoyed the view of the dam, the music, the company and the warming sunshinebefore driving off to Zandvliet to taste a selection of their wines and chat to Dan deWet, who was in charge of the salmon and steak braai. They have moved the tasting andfood tent this year from the stables to the front of the manor house. We think this is agreat move: the stables are a little hard to find in the dark when you go there for thefood and wine events in the evening!The weather was getting colder and the light was fading, so it was time to go to ouraccommodation at Rivierzicht in the Goree River Valley, near Graham Beck. Our friendsthe Grobbelaars always insist that we stay with them and we are very grateful indeed.They run the very successful Rivierzicht camp site alongside the Breede River on theirfarm. However, they were devastated this year when the river came down in flood againlast week, after the heavy rains in the Ceres mountains, and many people had to cancelbecause most of the site was underwater (See the pictures by clicking here). It was anextremely cold night and the temperature the next morning was below zero.ROBERTSON HAS A NEW AND EXCITING RESTAURANT We wanted to take ourhosts out to dinner but, as the Wacky Wine Weekend finished at 4 on Sunday, we weredoubtful that anyone would be open. Elizma Botha, manager of the Robertson WineValley publicity, who organises the whole Wacky Wine Weekend, came up with asolution which was to go to Mo & Rose on Soekershof, who were prepared to stay openthat evening, and we managed to get a booking. See the food and details here. We hada marvellous evening and probably stayed much too late, but we so enjoyed the foodand the hospitality that we couldn’t tear ourselves away. We look forward to having anoutdoor lunch there the next time we are in the area.
  4. 4. Marvellous Monday We love staying over on Monday when most people have gonehome, as it give us a chance to see people who might have been rushed off their feet onSunday; go to the butcher in Bonnievale, the cheese shop and other favourite venues.First we went to Arendsig in Bonnievale, where Lourens van der Westhuizen was sohospitable; he persuaded us to stay for over three hours while he generously ignored hislunch and took us through barrel and tank tastings in the cellar and at the tasting room.He makes wines for many other people in the two valleys and they are becoming widelyrecognised as great wines. The farm has wonderful views of the river and they can dolunches. We bought his chardonnay and cabernet and are looking forward to the releaseof his superb Sauvignon blanc later this year. We tasted a tank sample and loved it.CAPE PORT PRODUCERS AWARDS This was held on Tuesday at Muratie, thatwonderful character filled wine farm in the Knorhoek valley in Stellenbosch whichdoesn’t seem to have changed in centuries. We met on the terrace, chatted to many ofthe port makers and discovered that, not only were they announcing the top ten ports,but a new award has been made and they announced the top ten wines made from portvarieties. Then we proceeded through to the cellar where all the winning ports andwines were available to taste. We tasted a few and then sat down to lunch. Verytraditional food was served and it was perfectly prepared. While the awards werepresented by Dave Hughes, we started with good bread served with apricot jam andgrated cheese, were then served a spicy tomato based soup and went on to eat achicken pastei (Pie) which had marvellous flaky and buttery pastry and was served withsweet strips of carrot, which acted as a good relish for the pie, and a huge mixed salad.Dessert was crisp and dripping syrup koeksisters. We drank Muratie’s own LaurensCampher white wine, a blend of Chenin, Verdelho, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc thatwent perfectly with the soup and chicken pie and then some of their excellent Shiraz,before we and other members of the media plundered the tasting table of wines andports just to get a full understanding of the judges’ decisions. What is so interesting isthat the wines smell exactly like port, but without any sweetness, and many are elegantand distinguished.Notable for us were Axe Hill’s smooth, soft and deep wine 2011 Machado (axe inPortuguese) made from Souzão, Touriga Nacional & Tinta Barocca with 33% Shiraz, andVergenoegd’s Runner Duck red 2009. We expected the Boplaas Tinta Chocolat 2011 andthe De Krans Tinta Mocha 2011 to be overly full of the chocolate and coffee mochaflavours and, thank heavens, they are not, just very subtly showing the characteristicsmentioned. Of the ports, the Calitzdorp Cape Vintage 2009, the Boplaas Cape TawnyShow Reserve and the KWV Classic Tawny, which was also the overall Port winner, allimpressed. The De Krans 2002 Cape Vintage Reserve Port is absolutely Christmas in abottle. You taste the Christmas pudding, the nuts, the oranges from your stocking andthe lovely smoky flavour of the fire all in one delicious glass. However, they were allgreat wines and ports; we would have loved to have done justice to more of them. Seethe pictures and details of the awards here.Regrettably, with all this activity, we have hardly spent any time at home, so there hasbeen no time to work on a recipe this week.Food and wine (and a few other) events for you to enjoyThere is a huge and rapidly growing variety of interesting things to occupy yourleisure time here in the Western Cape. There are so many interesting things to do inour world of food and wine that we have made separate list for each month for whichwe have information. To help you choose an event to visit, click on our EventsCalendar. All the events are listed in date order and we already have a large number ofexciting events to entertain you right through the year. Click here to access theCalendar. You will need to be connected to the internet.Learn about wine and cooking We have had a lot of enquiries from people whowant to learn more about wine. Cathy Marston and The Cape Wine Academy both run
  5. 5. 5wine education courses, some very serious and others more geared to fun. You can seedetails here.Chez Gourmet in Claremont has a programme of cooking classes. A calendar of theirclasses can be seen here. Pete Ayub, who makes our very popular Prego sauce, runsevening cooking classes at Sense of Taste, his catering company in Maitland. We canrecommend them very highly, having enjoyed his seafood course. Check his programmehere.Restaurant Special offers. Some more restaurants have responded to our requestfor an update of their special offers and we have, therefore, updated our list ofrestaurant special offers. Click here to access it. These Specials have been sent to usby the restaurants or their PR agencies. We have not personally tried all of them andtheir listing here should not always be taken as a recommendation from ourselves. Ifthey don’t update us, we can’t be responsible for any inaccuracies in the list. When wehave tried it, we’ve put in our observations. We have cut out the flowery adjectives etc.that so many have sent, to give you the essentials. Click on the name to access therelevant website. All communication should be with the individual restaurants.14th June 2012Remember - if you can’t find something, we’ll do our best to get it for you, and, ifyou’re in Cape Town or elsewhere in the country, we can send it to you! Check ourproduct list for details and prices. PS If a word or name is in bold type and underlined, click on it for more information Phones: +27 21 439 3169 / 083 229 1172 / 083 656 4169 Postal address: 60 Arthurs Rd, Sea Point 8005Our Adamastor & Bacchus© tailor-made Wine, Food and Photo tours take small groups(up to 6) to specialist wine producers who make the best of South Africa’s wines. Havefun while you learn more about wine and how it is made! Tours can be conducted inEnglish, German, Norwegian or Dutch flavoured Afrikaans.Recommendations of products and outside events are not solicited or charged for, andare made at the authors’ pleasure. All photographs, recipes and text used in thesenewsletters are ©John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus. Our restaurant reviews areusually unsolicited. We prefer to pay for our meals and not be paid in any way byanyone. Whether we are invited or go independently, we don’t feel bad if we say wedidn’t like it. Honesty is indeed our best policy. While every effort is made to avoidmistakes, we are human and they do creep in occasionally, for which we apologise. OurAvast! ® Anti-Virus software is updated at least daily and our system is scannedcontinually for viruses.This electronic journal has been sent to you because you have personally subscribed to it orbecause someone you know has asked us to send it to you or forwarded it to you themselves.Addresses given to us will not be divulged to any person or organisation. We collect themonly for our own promotional purposes and keep our mailing list strictly confidential. If youwish to be added to our mailing list, please click here to send us a message and if you wishto be removed from our mailing list, please click here to send us a message.