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0000 menu mail template

  1. 1. 1 MENU Main Ingredient’s weekly E-Journal Gourmet Foods, Ingredients & Fine Wines Eat In Guide’s Outstanding Outlet Award Winner from 2006 to 2010 - Click here to Subscribe to MENU or to contact us Click on underlined and Bold words to open links to pictures, blogs, websites or more information The V&A WatersIn this week’s MENU: • Products • Our market activities • Villiera at the Vineyard • Sue Anderson trade wine tasting • Hartenberg’s The Stork, a champion • Hostex • Chicken and artichoke risotto • Bottled v purified water • Events and Restaurant specials • Wine courses & cooking classes,Products The Cape has been wearing her winter clothes and we have had a few daysof typical damp and cool weather – just the thing for comfort food like risotto. We willhave more risotto rice and stock cubes tomorrow. We have other winter delights instock, especially ready to heat and eat duck confit and traditional French cassouletsand pot au feu. For those and any other products you need, you can access our productlist and see pictures in our website. If you can’t find what you need, let us know andwe will try to find it for you. Until our online shop is ready, drop us an email and we
  2. 2. will help you. We are very happy to see that traffic on our website is increasing andmore orders are coming from it.We have a lot of fun putting MENU together each week and, of course, doing thethings we write about, but making it possible for you to enjoy rare and wonderfulgourmet foods is what drives our business. We stock a good range of ingredients anddelicious ready-made gourmet foods. You can contact us by email or phone, or throughour website. We can send your requirements to you anywhere in South Africa.Our market activities Come and visit us at the Old Biscuit Mill’s brilliant, excitingand atmospheric Neighbourgoods Market, as always, this Saturday and every Saturdaybetween 09h00 and 14h00. Tip: Some visitors tell us how they struggle to find parking.Click here for a map. We will be back at Long Beach Mall on Friday 8th June from09h00 to 16h00. We look forward to seeing you there.This winter weather does always send us to more sustaining food. Gascony in France isthe area where they eat the most duck and use the most duck fat and where they havethe lowest levels of heart disease. So Lynne is beginning to think it might be time tomake that annual pot of cassoulet and other rich casseroles. Did you know they even eatcornmeal (phutu pap!) in that area? Here is their recipe using duck fat for a sweet orsavoury treat. You can use polenta for this if you don’t have cornmeal.Miques de Mais 250 ml fine cornmeal – 750 ml water – a pinch of salt – 25 g duck fat – sugar – brandy – more duck fatGet the water, salt and fat to a rolling boil then pour in the cornmeal ‘ like rain’. Turndown the heat and simmer over a low heat, stirring with a wooden continuously forapprox. 30 minutes until the mixture no longer sticks to the sides of the pan. Pour into asquare or rectangular dish and allow to cool and set then cut into 3.5 cm squares. Frythese in duck fat then sprinkle with sugar and flambé with brandy or cognac. You canalso serve them with a good rich duck gravy.OLD MUTUAL TROPHY AWARDS AT THE MOUNT NELSON This extremely wellorganised event started with us arriving an hour too early as we got our wires crossedbut allowed us a rare hour on the terrace of the Mount Nelson drinking great coffee anddiscussing business. We met the Nellie cat, a super shiny black sedan with huge greeneyes, as yet unnamed but with a penchant for the buffet. We think he/she (difficult totell) might like the name of Velvet after that lovely cocktail black velvet a mixture ofchampagne and Guiness. Class and naughtiness in one package!Into the Conference centre at 12 for good canapés and a glass of bubby to see who wasthere and chat. It always amuses us when we see winemakers who think they are theresimply to attend. Generally, if you have been invited, you have won something andthese prestigious awards now in their 10th year are worth getting. The rigorous blindtasting procedure by local and international judges means a fair showing for good wines.The awards are interspersed with a good lunch and this year Rudi Liebenberg gave uslovely food. We started with beautifully tender and rare pieces of pepper duck, duckconfit wrapped in buttery pastry and duck giblets accompanied by sweet and sour piecesof pickled persimmon a great match for the rich duck. Our table drank Ken Forrester’sOld Vines Reserve Chenin, Groote Post Reserve and Delaire Sauvignons Blanc with thefirst course.Main course was a lamb loin wrapped in butternut slices, quite inspiring for homedinners; and a piece of very tender barbeque lamb neck that tasted like Asian duck andshredded beautifully resting on a layer of spinach; a small square of pave potatoes(finely layered and baked) topped with Jerusalem artichoke puree and the dish dottedwith winter vegetables, like carrots, baby broad beans and barley and a rich lamb jus.We had tastes of Backsberg Shiraz, Hillcrest Hornfels 2008; and Uitkyk’s 2008 Carlonetall of which were good wines for the food.
  3. 3. 3Dessert, ahh dessert: Served to us was a delicious Nederburg Noble Late Harvest AND aNeethlingshof Maria so it needed to match all those complex sweet, fruity and nuttyflavours and did. A nutty and soft square of wet almond cake covered with macadamianuts, a caramel praline and an almond praline ice cream, vanilla poached pears andsmall squares of caramel toffee, all the tastes of the wine on one plate.We had great company on our table: Old friends and colleagues Mike Neebe from AxeHill, surprised and delighted with his award, Jeff Grier from Villiera equally surprised athis award for the best Bubbly the Villiera for Woolworths .BURGUNDY STYLE WINES GROWN IN SOUTH AFRICA – Chardonnays and PinotNoirs. Last Sunday we were delighted to be invited by Corlien Morris of WineConcepts to the Burgundy Lovers’ Festival at the Vineyard Hotel. This excellent, uniqueannual tasting showcases their selection of the best Chardonnays and Pinot Noirsproduced in South Africa. Our Chardonnays are showing incredibly well now, especially ifthey have some age on them – the 2010’s were marvellous. We were so glad to find thatonly one of the many wines we tasted was over-wooded and too over the top for us.Should a wine have 14 months in 90% new French oak? Who nowadays is wealthy enoughto afford all these new barrels? There were still people at the tasting who like this stylebut thankfully not many. Our wine trade has seen the light and is producing wines thatshow the character of this elegant noble grape and bring out the lovely fruit , notmasking it with heavy vanillas and deeply scorched new barrels, but using gentle oak tosupport it.Favourite Chardonnays tasted were Iona 2010 Newton Johnson Family Vineyards 2011which is very Chablis like, Oak Valley 2011 is full of citrus especially limes and has a veryfull palate with a long end; De Wetshof The Site 2010 is pretty and perfumed and alsofull of lime and other citrus and we will watch the Paul Cluver 2010 which isn’t quitethere yet but is showing great promise. The Vriesenhof 2011 was also a pinnacle showingChablis style, some great fruit and even a little thyme mid palate.It is good to see how many Pinot Noirs we have now, not all are perfect but there aredefinitely a couple of distinct styles emerging - dark, wooded and moody or lighter withfull berry fruit and lots of elegant length. Our taste is more for the latter style, probablybecause it goes so well with the food we eat.We loved the Shannon Rockview 2010 and lots of people in the room were talking aboutit very positively and recommending people taste it, so it is safe to say it was one of theshow favourites. The Sutherland 2010 from Elgin grapes is delicious and the De Grendel2006 is just superb with rich fruit predominating. Sadly it is sold out. If you have some,now is the time to drink it. Cathy Marshall always impresses and Lynne has written justone word of description in her notes: Beautiful. Creation 2011 is full of softstrawberries.Food and wine (and a few other) events for you to enjoyThere is a huge and rapidly growing variety of interesting things to occupy yourleisure time here in the Western Cape. There are so many interesting things to do inour world of food and wine that we have made separate list for each month for whichwe have information. To help you choose an event to visit, click on our EventsCalendar. All the events are listed in date order and we already have a large number ofexciting events to entertain you right through the year. Click here to access theCalendar. You will need to be connected to the internet.Learn about wine and cooking We have had a lot of enquiries from people whowant to learn more about wine. Cathy Marston and The Cape Wine Academy both runwine education courses, some very serious and others more geared to fun. You can seedetails here.Chez Gourmet in Claremont has a programme of cooking classes. A calendar of theirclasses can be seen here. Pete Ayub, who makes our very popular Prego sauce, runs
  4. 4. evening cooking classes at Sense of Taste, his catering company in Maitland. We canrecommend them very highly, having enjoyed his seafood course. Check his programmehere.Restaurant Special offers. Some more restaurants have responded to our requestfor an update of their special offers and we have, therefore, updated our list ofrestaurant special offers. Click here to access it. These Specials have been sent to usby the restaurants or their PR agencies. We have not personally tried all of them andtheir listing here should not always be taken as a recommendation from ourselves. Ifthey don’t update us, we can’t be responsible for any inaccuracies in the list. When wehave tried it, we’ve put in our observations. We have cut out the flowery adjectives etc.that so many have sent, to give you the essentials. Click on the name to access therelevant website. All communication should be with the individual restaurants.Winter is coming in with a bang, but we can still expect some wonderfulclear and sunny days. Make the most of them and enjoy a picnic on a wine farm;several wine farms offer picnic facilities. We have put together a list of wine farms whocan provide you with a picnic, We haven’t put in much detail, just where it is, phonenumber, email address and a link to the website. The latter is where you will find all theimportant information. Go and check it out.17th May 2012Remember - if you can’t find something, we’ll do our best to get it for you, and, ifyou’re in Cape Town or elsewhere in the country, we can send it to you! Check ourproduct list for details and prices. PS If a word or name is in bold type and underlined, click on it for more information Phones: +27 21 439 3169 / 083 229 1172 / 083 656 4169 Postal address: 60 Arthurs Rd, Sea Point 8005Our Adamastor & Bacchus© tailor-made Wine, Food and Photo tours take small groups(up to 6) to specialist wine producers who make the best of South Africa’s wines. Havefun while you learn more about wine and how it is made! Tours can be conducted inEnglish, German, Norwegian or Dutch flavoured Afrikaans.Recommendations of products and outside events are not solicited or charged for, andare made at the authors’ pleasure. All photographs, recipes and text used in thesenewsletters are ©John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus. Our restaurant reviews areusually unsolicited. We prefer to pay for our meals and not be paid in any way byanyone. Whether we are invited or go independently, we don’t feel bad if we say wedidn’t like it. Honesty is indeed our best policy. While every effort is made to avoidmistakes, we are human and they do creep in occasionally, for which we apologise. OurAvast! ® Anti-Virus software is updated at least daily and our system is scannedcontinually for viruses.Recommendations of products and outside events are not solicited or charged for, and are madeat the authors’ pleasure. All photographs, recipes and text used in these newsletters are ©John& Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus. Our restaurant reviews are usually unsolicited. We preferto pay for our meals and not be paid in any way by anyone. Whether we are invited or goindependently, we don’t feel bad if we say we didn’t like it. Honesty is indeed our best policy.While every effort is made to avoid mistakes, we are human and they do creep in occasionally,for which we apologise. Our Avast! ® Anti-Virus software is updated at least daily and our systemis scanned continually for viruses.This electronic journal has been sent to you because you have personally subscribed to it orbecause someone you know has asked us to send it to you or forwarded it to you themselves.Addresses given to us will not be divulged to any person or organisation. We collect themonly for our own promotional purposes and keep our mailing list strictly confidential. If youwish to be added to our mailing list, please click here to send us a message and if you wishto be removed from our mailing list, please click here to send us a message.