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By Phu Xien

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  1. 1. Integrity If only we had been less insidious and more understanding. Every time when we, Melden,Ray and I, the three best friends, came to the Science laboratory, we would remember that ominousMonday when something extremely terrible happened to us. "Ring......" the timely toll signalled the start of recess. All of the pupils rushed out of theirclassrooms enthusiastically. Melden, Ray and I decided to play soccer outside the Science laboratoryas the school field was crowded with lots of people playing happily. Floating in ebullience, we passedthe soccer ball to each other skilfully when, suddenly, Ray kicked the soccer ball so hard that it flewstraight towards a fish tank outside the laboratory. Within the blink of an eye, the ball crashed into the fish tank full of fishes swimming aroundhappily. When we reached the fish tank, our eyes widened with horror as we saw water gushing outof the gaping hole on the glass panel. Some of the unlucky fishes were already on the concrete floor.They were twisting and wriggling their bodies with their mouths open, trying to breathe. My friendsand I were transfixed by the scene in front of us. We were too shocked to react and stood rooted tothe ground, paralysed with fear. After we came back to our senses, we realised that we were facing a moral dilemma. Then,Melden suggested that we should run away. Without a second thought, we fled. As we wererunning, we accidentally bumped into our form teacher, Miss Tay. We felt a chill run down ourspines. We mustered our courage and told her about what that had happened. When Miss Tayheard everything, she was livid with anger. It seemed like steam was pouring out from her ears andnose. Seething with ire, she gave us a tongue-lashing. We had to pay for the repair fees and also getnew fishes for the fish tank. We were also caned by our parents for being so careless. We learnt our lesson well.