Tips for List Segmentation & Optimization


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Tips for List Segmentation & Optimization

  1. 1. How to guide OCTOBER 2011Best Practices in email marketingtiPs for list segmentation &oPtimization© Mailigen Ltd. All rights reserved 10/2011. Mailigen Email Marketing Solutions
  2. 2. Tips for LisT segmenTaTion & opTimizaTion 2Segment your mailigen liStS to create optimizedtargeted campaignS and increaSe engagedSubScriberS engagement.Segmentation is a best practice for all strategic marketing programs, and email marketing is no different. Sendingtargeted messages to your subscribers will deliver a highly engaged audience and improve your open and clickrates. Through segmented lists you can see who’se a fan and who still needs persuasion or reactivation of yourleast engaged subscribers. Segmentation will help your email marketing and improve your click rates by a mini-mum of 10%.1. Segment new SubScriberSIf you know more about your email subscribers and what they are interested in then you will know how they wantto receive messages and what content will appeal to their interests. Use subscriber segmentation tools to seg-ment new subscribers or allow subscribers to self segment. Segmentation offers you ability to find our who yoursubscribers are and what they are interested in, with segmentation you can offer greater personalization to youremails. Segmentation does not need to be complicated, so include a few segmentation questions for new sub-scribers. Keep in mind anything more than two questions can discourage people from signing up and you alwayshave the opportunity to offer more qualification later.segment By demograPHics and geolocationMarket segments are selected based on commen ele- can use segmentation to target related fields andments, like demographics and geolocation. You want provide better deliverability results. This is often theto segment your list to target the right audience for most popular way to segment email lists.your call to action. Maybe you want to send your mes- Perhaps you want to send your message to peoplesage to people who purchase a particular service in who purchase a particular service in a particular lo-a specific store location or city. Separating lists into cation. Viewing engagement decisions about spe-groups will help you identify and effectively target cific products or services in specific geographic lo-those consumers.You may gather information such as cations allows you to compare where your productsgeography, zip code, gender, age and buying behavior, are generating interest and which markets still needViewing demographic or location based engagement message penetration. Targeting related fields canabout specific products or services allows you to com- provide better deliverability results and is often thepare where your products are generating interest and most popular way to segment email lists.which markets still need message penetration. You© mailigen Ltd. all rights reserved 10/2011. mailigen email marketing solutions phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  3. 3. Tips for LisT segmenTaTion & opTimizaTion 3segment By Personal interests segment your list By email domainYou can have listed categories for subscribers to sign Segmenting your list by email domain will allow youup for their specific personal interests. Ask them ot tell to track email domain performance and analyze theyou more about what they are interested in by using bounces, clicks, opens and unsubscribes. Utilizingpredefined choices. For instance, if you are a clothing reporting by email domain segmentation will high-retailer ask them to identify what type of clothing they light any issues with deliverability with that particu-are interested in, Men’s, Women’s, Sale, Outerwear, etc. lar domain. Then you can take action to resolve anyYou can also ask them to select if they are interested in issues and keep your list healthy.receiving information about special events related totheir interest or demographics. Again, the more com- segment By sign uP dateplex the form the less likely they will be to complete Your most recent subscribers are often the mostso keep it simple and only ask for what really matters. engaged. Try segmenting your lists by people whoBe sure to include a relevant call to action so they are signed up in the last month or since your last emailmoved to subscribe and identify their interests. Seg- campaign. You might be surprised by the data, oftenmenting audiences by personal interest allows you to the most recent subscribers are the most active. Thattighten your scope to determine the most relevant and is a data point for you to improve the messaging ormotivated buyers within those segments and then cre- deliver a more enticing call to action for people whoate effective marketing campaigns. have subscribed for a long period of time. Either way, you will most likely see you need to tailor your message differently for each segment.© mailigen Ltd. all rights reserved 10/2011. mailigen email marketing solutions phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  4. 4. Tips for LisT segmenTaTion & opTimizaTion 42. optimize mailing liStOptimizing your email marketing list is all about the data. Many marketers use A/B testing and other measurableefforts to determine which content and layout to show subscribers. You can use the data from A/B testing to de-termine the best optimizations to make but you can also learn quite a bit from the email marketing data capturedafter each mailing. As you send mail look for trends in open rates, actions taken by subscribers and other dataavailable from your ESP to learn what performs best with each segment. The effect of using data to optimize yourlist is every campaign will be highly optimized based on actual performance data and lead to better results.segment By BeHaviorOne of the most powerful ways to connect with your b) Segment by people who opened, but didn’t clickaudience is through behavioral segementation based Segmenting your list by people who opened theon actual customer behavior toward your email mar- email but didn’t take action can help you improveketing efforts. Even though social networks are grow- your call to action and identify which links work besting methods of communication, email marketing is for the audience. Perhaps you had competing linksstill the most relevant and utilized tool for communi- within your email, or maybe the call to action wasn’tcating with customers. Consumers expect marketing valuable to this audience. You may want to surveymessages delivered to their inbox to be personalized them and see what you can do to entice them to takepersonalized to their specific needs and interests. Ev- action.ery time someone comes to your website or clicks on alink in your email, they are telling you what they are in-terested in. Responding to those interests allows you segment By Product interest & PurcHasesto relevantly engage with subscribers based on what Allow your subscribers to choose more detailed pref-they have told you about themselves through their be- erences in their email subscription sign up. For in-havior. stance, if you sell chocolates, allow people to tell you if they prefer milk, dark or white chocolate. Segment-a) Segment by inactive subscribers ing your messages by special interests will give youInactive subscribers can negatively impact your email a better campaign result. Segmentation by productmarketing metrics and your deliverability. From time to interest will also allow you to track your ability totime, you should review your lists by subscriber activity convert potential customers to buyers, or cross selland determine who qualifies as an inactive subscriber. your other products.Then launch email reactivation campaigns targeted atinactives.© mailigen Ltd. all rights reserved 10/2011. mailigen email marketing solutions phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  5. 5. Tips for LisT segmenTaTion & opTimizaTion 53. create SegmentS baSed on Survey reSponSeSOnline surveys are another opportunity to gather additional information and create segmented lists. When cre-ating your survey remember to create something simple so people will complete the questions. Ask questionsabout how often your subscribers want to hear from you, what type of information they care about and how theylike to receive content (HTML, text, etc.). Once you have gathered your survey data, you will be able to customizeyour messages and frequency to the subscriber’s interests and behaviors. Be sure to thank the subscriber for tak-ing the survey and if you asked for their preferences, make sure you actually support the preference options youprovide. If you are asking, you set the expectation you will provide their preference responses. Summary Successful email marketing requires more than writing a few paragraphs of copy and sending it out to your distribution list. Email campaigns can be complex, require careful strategic thought, planning and testing and the right follow up. We hope these tips help you get started segmenting your lists and increasing your subscriptions. Mailigen has the easy to use tools you need to generate action with powerful email messages and newslet- ters. If you want to learn more about Mailigen, take it for a test drive before choosing your Email marketing solution, we offer a 30 day free trial!© mailigen Ltd. all rights reserved 10/2011. mailigen email marketing solutions phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  6. 6. Tips for LisT segmenTaTion & opTimizaTion 6 Published by Mailigen Aspazijas bulvaris 30, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864 Copyright © 2011 Mailigen Ltd. All rights reserved.No part of the contents of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Mailigen Ltd.