18 Tips for Email List Building


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Qualitative email list is the milestone in email marketing performance. Gathering subscribers does not stop with sending the first email campaign. Building, restoring and updating email list should be on the regular to-do list of every email marketing practitioner.

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18 Tips for Email List Building

  1. 1. How to guide NOVEMBER 2011Best Practices in email marketing18 tiPs for email list Building© Mailigen Ltd. All rights reserved 11/2011. Mailigen Email Marketing Solutions
  2. 2. 18 Tips for Email lisT Building 218 tiPs for email list BuildingSuccessful email marketing requires more than writing a few paragraphs of copy and sending it out to your distribution list.Email campaigns can be complex, require careful strategic thought, planning and testing and the right follow up. We hopethese tips help you get started building your lists and increasing your subscriptions.1. get Permission 4. Place your weB sign uP forms on multiPle Pages of your siteYou could put together the most compelling emailmarketing campaign, but it won’t matter if you do not have You want to capture the attention of the visitor whena permission-based email marketing list. There are several they are actively engaged in the content, so place yourways to get permission including asking for it at on and web sign up forms on multiple pages of your site. Thisoffline events and using web forms as often as possible to will ensure I visitor sees the form during their site visit.build your lists. You can build lists by adding links in your It will also ensure they see the form regardless of theirnewsletters, including links in your email signatures and point of entry to your website.using forward to a friend and social media capabilities.Permission based email marketing equals trust from your 5. use comPelling coPywriting toemail recipients. outline tHe Benefits of suBscriBing2. make Privacy a Priority To attract people to give you something as valuable as their contact information, you must offer themNo one likes spam, except spammers. Make sure it is compelling content. If you create content or deliverobvious to potential subscribers that you have a anti- content that is irrelevant to their needs, they will notspam policy and follow email marketing, survey and event remain on your mailing list for long. Develop contentmarketing best practices. Your Email Service Provider people can share, that solves a problem, that contains(ESP) should be a member in good standing with the original research or frequently asked questions. You canEmail Sender Provider Coalition (ESPC) and the Messaging also create a content series that keeps people comingAnti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG). Both of these back for more information.organizations fight the threat of spam while protecting thedelivery of legitimate email.3. give your weB sign uP forms PriorityPlacement on your weBsitePriority placement of your web sign up forms make the formeasy to find and complete. You don’t want your web visitorto leave the page of content just to sign up to receive some-thing from you. Make it simple and relevant to the contentthey are viewing. This may seem like common sense, butlook around the web and you will find examples of sign upforms that are difficult to locate or drive people away fromthe content they came to see on the site.© Mailigen Ltd. All rights reserved 11/2011. Mailigen Email Marketing Solutions Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  3. 3. 18 Tips for Email lisT Building 36. Provide an incentive for 10. add suBscriPtion cHeckBox tosigning uP co-registration formsIn building lists marketers often refer to the incentives as Co-registration is a process of using someone else’s email“assets”. Assets can include unique research, web seminars, list to grow your list members. It usually includes partner-podcasts, survey results or a coupon for something valu- ship between two websites, when a visitor registers for aable you offer. For these premium assets, require list sign newsletter on the original site the confirmation can in-up in order to receive the “gated” asset. This will help you clude an offer to sign up for newsletters from partneringsignificantly increase your subscriptions and use this as an sites. You can find co-registration partnerships by usingopportunity to qualify the sign ups as legitimate leads or list brokers. Co-register programs are a good way to buildcontent consumers. Send the leads to your sales team and email marketing lists but people tend to unsubscribekeep engaging with the content consumers. They may from these email programs faster. It’s important to haveeventually become a sales lead. specific plans set up around keeping these registrants en- gaged.7. ask offline customers tosuBscriBe 11. ask for signuP during (and after) online events or weBinarsBuild up your email list with offline customers by gatheringcustomer email information at the register or on the phone. Another great way to ramp up your email marketing listsAsk them if they would like to sign up for your mailing list is to include sign up forms during and after online eventsand offer them an incentive to sign up for email alerts, like by using events as a prospecting tool. Because eventsmonthly coupons or discounts for subscribers. You can also generate targeted traffic, they are a highly effective toolleverage their purchasing information to create a loyalty for building lists. Webinars that offer compelling contentprogram, with a goal to get more opt-ins to your email mar- create some of the most highly segmented email market-keting program. ing lists due to the specialized interest represented.8. disPlay your weBsite domain on all 12. let users manage tHeir Preferencesyour Printed materials Giving subscribers control over their own email prefer-This is an easy one, but it is surprising how many people for- ences reduces the amount of subscribers who complete-get to include this basic information on their printed mate- ly unsubscribe by allowing them to opt out of some emailrials. When you include your domain make sure you have a messaging. Putting preference controls in the hands ofweb sign up form on the landing page. subscribers gives subscribers a sense of trust and comfort and they are more likely to remain on your mailing list.9. sHare your exPertise By answeringquestions in online forumsAnswering questions related to your products, service andindustry in online forums is a great way to promote yourcompany and employees as thought leaders and subjectmatter experts. When answering, include a link to your signup form. This is particularly valuable when you are answer-ing specific product related questions and forum membersare looking for how to obtain additional information.© Mailigen Ltd. All rights reserved 11/2011. Mailigen Email Marketing Solutions Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  4. 4. 18 Tips for Email lisT Building 413. send welcome messages immediately 16. encourage emPloyees to use sign uPafter confirmation links in tHeir email signaturesSend your new subscribers automated welcome messages If you use email signatures then you should include linksdirectly following their confirmed subscription. Thank them to the web sign up form in your email signature. This is anfor signing up to be a part of your messaging or newsletter easy way for the entire company to encourage customersand communicate the timing and frequency of your email to sign up and join your email list.communication. Provide them with tips for interacting withyour company and product information. Also, provide them 17. encourage suBscriBers to sHare yourwith contact information and handles for your social net- email or emBedded articlesworks. Include social sharing in your email campaigns to enable sharing within social networks where your subscribers14. Promote your suBscriPtion Benefits in are most likely to be active. Make sure you include someyour Blog simple triggers like “Share This Email” with a short URL toUse your blog as a platform to share deeper content relat- your targeted landing page. Also, keep it simple. Mosted to the benefits of subscribing to your email list. Remind people will share content if the content is creative andthem you value their subscription and discuss how you use easy to share. Another tip to increase sharing: provide anemail marketing lists to communicate. You can also use incentive to share through some type of reward.your blog to relay the importance of privacy and commu-nicate your privacy policy in a more conversational manner. 18. use social media to Promote your email or sign uP form15. include links in your corPorate Press Social media is an important component of your emailreleases list building efforts. Use social media capabilities toAlways include contact information in your press releases encourage sharing, which encourages list sign ups andalong with the opportunity to subscribe to your email list. to spread the message regarding the benefits of joiningMedia is no longer just reporters, it includes forum mem- your email list. Use sign up forms on social media sites orbers, bloggers and consultants voicing opinions about your post links to your web sign up forms.products and services. Give them an opportunity to sign upand receive updates from you rather than go hunting forthem. SUBSCRIBE TO MAILIGEN NEWSLETTER Mailigen has the easy to use tools you need to generate action with powerful email messages and newsletters. If you want to learn more about Mailigen, take it for a test drive before choosing your Email marketing solution, we offer a 30 day free trial!© Mailigen Ltd. All rights reserved 11/2011. Mailigen Email Marketing Solutions Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  5. 5. Published by Mailigen Aspazijas bulvaris 30, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864 Copyright© 2011 Mailigen Ltd. All rights reserved.No part of the contents of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Mailigen Ltd. www.mailigen.com