Kansas City Nonprofit Peer-to-Peer Presentation - July 2013


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Two award winning marketing mavens, Jessica Best of emfluence and Merritt Engle of Merrigan Co., discuss real life nonprofit marketing efforts from their respective client bases. You will learn about their most successful campaigns and how you might be able to replicate their best practices for your own marketing needs.

Both of these marketers are certain to impress. Jessica has lead training for dozens of organizations and was chosen as a speaker for the highly treasured South By Southwest Interactive conference in Austin. Not to be outdone, Merritt has a client list that others can only dream about and was recently named Direct Marketer of the Year by the local Direct Marketing Association for her lifetime achievements in the industry. Get ready for a charismatic and educational lunch that will spark your creativity and has the potential to increase the effectiveness of your next campaign.

Our objective is simple; create a Networking Group for Nonprofit Marketers to share and learn about critical activities that focus on growth and sustaining your mission.

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Kansas City Nonprofit Peer-to-Peer Presentation - July 2013

  1. 1. Welcome to the NonProfit Peer to Peer Lunch Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Introductions
  3. 3. Direct Mail Marketing Merritt Engel merritte@merriganco.com @merrittengel or @merriganco
  4. 4. Results Response Rate: 8.26% Average Gift: $38 Why it Worked: Authentic, Donor Recognition
  5. 5. Results Mailed 6.5% more pieces 53% increase in response 41% increase in revenue 25¢ more revenue per piece mailed Why it Worked: New Concept, Donor Involvement
  6. 6. Best Practices Consider Creative Package Approaches Be Authentic to Your Mission Make Sure Message/Action is Easily Understood Put the Donor at the Center, Always Close the Loop on Promises Made in Appeals
  7. 7. Results Open Rate: 31.77% (audience of 8,329) Average Gift: $213 Why it Worked: Visual tie to mail, simple message, reinforcement to match
  8. 8. Email Marketing Jessica Best jbest@emfluence.com @bestofjess or @emfluence
  9. 9.  Clear calls to action, built-in  Event-driven email timing  Text-only pre-header  Strong images that share the story
  10. 10. 40% pre-event commitment = Weather-proof donations
  11. 11.  Longer is ok if it’s skimmable and visual
  12. 12.  Beautiful images that capture brand  Needs the brand name above the fold  Needs text above the fold… or anywhere!
  13. 13.  Text pre-header & short image header  Tell the story  Visual button and text calls to action  Balance of people pictures & text
  14. 14.  “Video” in email (where the still shot is a person/face)  An image with every story  Frequency should be regular
  15. 15. Subject lines  Aim for < 80 characters  Clearly communicate your offer/call to action  Beware % $ !! FREE and other spammy things Subject: Bikers for Babies – Why We Ride Subject: Register now for Bikers for Babies Subject: How your gift can change a child’s life Subject: How You Can Touch the Lives of KC Kids
  16. 16. Subject lines  Don’t ignore the “2nd subject line”
  17. 17. Bonus points = integrated
  18. 18. Questions