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Emotion measurement services for knowledge work

Paper at the RESER2015 conference - Innovative Services in the 21st Century. @MaijuVuolle @HennaSalonius #Nemohanke @Noviresearch

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Emotion measurement services for knowledge work

  1. 1. EMOTION MEASUREMENT SERVICES FOR KNOWLEDGE WORKERS MaijuVuolle, Henna Salonius, Johanna Lintinen & Julia Mäkinen R e s e r 2 0 1 5 conference - September - Copenhagen
  2. 2. AGENDA TODAY • Background of the paper • Emotions and their measurement at work • Emotion measurement services • User experiences • Summary
  3. 3. How are you FEELING at the moment?
  4. 4. BACKGROUND – EMOTIONS MATTER Interest in everyday emotions of employees – how to support well-being and performance? • Measuring emotions is one approach to increase awareness. • Need for more research on emotions at individual level (within person) and at real life work context. • User experiences of three emotion measurement services and their usefulness in daily knowledge work. • Managerial guidelines for planning and executing emotion measurement.
  5. 5. Exited Enthusiastic Energized Happy Pleased Content Relaxed Calm Sad Gloomy Fatigued Tense Angry Irritated Hostile Agitated WHAT are emotions - Circumplex model PLEASANTUNPLEASANT HIGH ACTIVATION LOW ACTIVATION (adapted from Russell, 1980; Shaufeli & Salanova, 2014)
  6. 6. MEASURING EMOTIONS AT WORK Experience Self-reporting tools Surveys Diaries Physical reaction Skin conductance Brain activity Heart rate variation Expression Facial and vocal
  7. 7. RESEARCH METHODS Daily experience survey - 22 participants - 2 intensive weeks - 3 months once a week - 10 interviews Emotional intensity - 8 participants - One working week - Questions in daily report Tracking emotions - 8 participants - One working week - Questionnaire
  9. 9. USER EXPERIENCES: IPOS SENSOR • Interest in reflecting overall company pulse regulary, not daily or weekly • Higher completion rate during intensive weeks – questioning the actions after testing period, lack of time, technical problems • Simple application with straightforward questions desired, technical suggestions made 1.Communicate purpose 2. Collect data periodically 3. Make sure the results can be utilized 4. Communicate and take actions on the results
  10. 10. USER EXPERIENCES: MOODMETRIC • Technical issues, linkability to other applications or devices and self-awareness • The ring measures emotional intensity quite accordingly and helped improving self-awareness on emotions and behavior • However, the usefulness of emotional data remained unrecognized • Is the link between emotional wellbeing and work performance recognized? • Emotional intelligence and emotion regulation processes may be well developed and self-evident? • Surprising emotional reactions was revealed • Ring measures only one dimension (arousal); cannot tell the difference between negative and positive emotions Be the situation positive or negative, it is important to recover from situations that are high in activation.
  11. 11. USER EXPERIENCES: EMOTIONTRACKER • Tracking emotions was easy (50 %) • 63% did not agree or disagree that tracking emotions is useful in daily work • However, 50 % of the respondents reported they had learnt to identify & understand emotions better • Somewhat half of the respondents would recommend tracking for knowledge workers • Always on voluntary basis • For personal development and self-management purposes • Occupational health service? • Data ownership - personal and private information The benefit of reporting would be realized if people want voluntarily to learn about their emotional information and develop emotional intelligence.
  12. 12. TO CONCLUDE • Purposes for emotion measurements: self-management tools, company pulse – Unique and novel possibilities to monitor one’s own wellbeing and performance in real time – Getting immeadiate feedback can be highly motivating – more proactive actions by the employees? • Managerial guidlelines – Goal and purpose – Frequency and length – Data ownership and ethical concerns – Ease of use – Employee’s motivation towards measuring emotions
  13. 13. MaijuVuolle, D.Sc.Tech. Henna Salonius Novi research center – Turning knowledge into value @Noviresearch Tampere University ofTechnology, Finland @MaijuVuolle @Henna Salonius THANKYOU! How are you FEELING now? Icons made by Freepik from