Next Step 2014 presentation by Sameh Masri from Palestine: Sports for Life


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  • Good day, My name is SamehMasri and Im the chairman of Palestine: Sport for Life Sports NGO in Palestine. I will talk to you today about the conflict situation in our country and how we use Sports for Development
  • Palestine is located in the Middle east, next to Jordan and the Mediterranean sea and this is our flag
  • Palestine has been occupied since 1948 by the Israelies , 7 million israelies have fled from Europe and around the world to Palestine, and as a result 11 million Palestinians are in exile now, a sepration racism wall built, many prisoners, and many settlements
  • As you can see, The green is Palestine in 1947 and after the occupation, nothing much is left of it at the moment as you can see in the white map .
  • Next Step 2014 presentation by Sameh Masri from Palestine: Sports for Life

    1. 1. Palestine: Sports for Life Your Address to Sports in Palestine
    2. 2. The Situation in Palestine Conflict area - Israeli Occupation since 1948 A separation racism wall 723km long & 8 meters high 5,000 prisoners, 173 children under 16 121 settlements with 400,000 Israeli settlers throughout the West Bank 11 millions Palestinians in exile 7 million Israelies imported
    3. 3. Demographic Conflict & History Change
    4. 4. Child Arrest Building Illegal Settlements on Stolen Land in West Bank Daily Racism Treatment
    5. 5. Palestine: Sports for Life (PS4L) is a registered NGO and club in Ramallah, Palestine. PS4L aims to improve the life and health of children, youth and women throughout Palestine by promoting best practice in its sports programs. We raise awareness of the broader benefits of sports in creating healthy and vibrant communities. PS4L also seeks to educate and train youth and women in order to create job opportunities through sports.
    6. 6. Using sports, PS4L seeks to provide a better life for the children, youth and women throughout Palestine .
    7. 7. Due to the occupation, children and youth suffer from psychological distress and extraordinary barriers to a healthy physical and psychosocial development. PS4L works in deprived villages and uses Sports as a constructive tool and a positive instrument on children’s psychosocial well-being Sports gears their energy into a positive one.
    8. 8. Watch the daily life and stress they go through We are Nabi Saleh One of the main villages where PS4L uses sports to ease the life there
    9. 9. Funded by World Vision PS4L managed to create a location for the kids and youth of the village as a breather , gearing their energy into a positive one Basketball, soccer, skateboards, chess and recreational activities Youth coaches educated and trained to run these sports academies watch the project effect on village kids