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Next Step 2014 presentation by Kusum Mohapatra from Magic Bus India Foundation


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Published in: Education
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Next Step 2014 presentation by Kusum Mohapatra from Magic Bus India Foundation

  1. 1. SCALING UP!! Are you ready?
  2. 2. Do you have to scale up?  Why do you want to scale up?  Do you think the problem at hand is huge that requires change?  Do you have a model that can bring that change?  Do you have proof that the models you use brings change?
  3. 3. Preparing to scale up  Look at the 5 Ms: (Model/Market, Money, Manpower, Material, Manage)  Have a vision  Define the timeline  Take the risk  Be your own critic  Plan to succeed but Be prepared to fail  Change management is a crucial step!
  4. 4. To scale up the Model must be  Cost Effective  Proven and data based  Address a large problem/ need  Must be relevant to many if not all  Should work in many scenario/ any scenario  Should be easily adaptable in different geographies  Scope for innovation/ modify as per locally relevant needs  All SOPs in place-programme design, standardized curricullum, Monitoring and evaluation systems
  5. 5. To scale up the money required  Not come from one source  Not be dependent only on donations but alternatives  Plan for eventualities  Create a buffer  Before scaling up have the seed money to help you scale up / Or have commitment from people who will support you to  Set up transparent and accountability measures  Have SOPs in place before scaling up
  6. 6. Manpower  Recruit the right people  Requires people who have more experience  You should be ready to share the knowledge and knowhow  Willing to divide the power but keep the control  Be prepared to bring in new ideas  Remember that the model may be the same but it will be a different organization  Have new leaders not managers  Balance of the right kind, combining process, innovation, creativity, systems (HR Policy, Organisation values/ culture , HR Processes )
  7. 7. Material  Right material  Sourcing  Sourcing at scale  Cost effectiveness  Building trust with vendors as well as clients  Culturally relevant  Processes – Procurements, storage, distribution
  8. 8. Manage  All the four above  External partnerships  New markets
  9. 9. Questions!!  Are you ready for scale up?