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Next Step 2014 presentation by Ilja Van Holsteijn from Johan Cruyff Foundation


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Published in: Education
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Next Step 2014 presentation by Ilja Van Holsteijn from Johan Cruyff Foundation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Background Since its start in 1997 the Johan Cruyff Foundation has grown into an organisation that encourages youths to start and keep moving, day in and day out, by setting up and supporting projects that stimulate sport and play. In order to achieve its goal the Cruyff Foundation always cooperates with associations, schools, sporting federations, companies and governments, because: ”On your own you cannot achieve anything, you need to work together”. The Foundation has a great reputation and high brand awareness througout the world, mainly because of its founder, Johan Cruyff. The Johan Cruyff Foundation gets kids moving.
  3. 3. “On your own you cannot achieve anything, you need to work together” Children don’t have enough time, space and attention to get active Sport and games make a significant difference in the lives of children Themes Pillars All kids can participate Kids become healthier Personal development Improve social skills 1. International realisation and activation of Cruyff Courts 2. Support of (sports) projects to enhance sports participation and talent development for children with a disability 3. Upgrade of schoolyards to stimulate children to become more physically active
  4. 4. What is a Cruyff Court? Local government Cruyff Foundation Partners Schools Clubs Weekly activities Free accessibility, Public Space Platform for education and other initiatives Artificial Grass In the center of the community Part of a MUGA Blue fence and orange goals 42 x 28 meters
  5. 5. Social impact Create a safe place in the community, where youth can play freely Cooperation between schools, local government, community work (sports and youth), NGO’s, the community itself, (football-) clubs and the Cruyff Foundation Platform in the community for other events and activities Create ownership within the community Themes: Together, respect, fair play, integration, social cohesion
  6. 6. The 14 rules of Johan Cruyff are essential on every Cruyff Court and every Schoolyard14. In the past several years they have been translated and placed at Foundation projects in countries like Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, Israel, Morocco, Poland, England, Spain and Brazil. Main goal: use sports and physical activity as a means to educate children!
  7. 7. 181 Cruyff Courts 28 outside the Netherlands 15 different countries
  8. 8. Cruyff Foundation Community Program The Cruyff Foundation Community Program is an youth participation project which aims to teach the youth (14 – 20 yrs) to organize their own event on the Cruyff Court in their own community. For us, the Cruyff Foundation it’s also a way to share responsibilities and keep our overhead costs relatively low because these kids are our eyes and ears in a community.
  9. 9. 10
  10. 10. Cruyff Courts 6 v 6 The Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 tournament takes place on almost all Cruyff Courts worldwide. In June 2014 we will organize a ‘World cup” with boys and girls coming to Amsterdam to play a final tournament. The boys and girls will fly in (with help of many partners) from Malaysia, Israel, England, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Brazil and Holland. The main theme at this tournament is RESPECT.
  11. 11. Effects • >180 Cruyff Courts around the world: thousands of kids play on a daily basis • Between 10% and 33% of the kids are active on the Cruyff Court in their community • 50% of the kids play more football because of the Cruyff Court • 67% of the kids are proud of ‘their’ pitch, they are willing to ‘invest’ in it • Primary school within 500 meters of the Cruyff Courts in 92% • Cruyff Courts improve the social environment • Cruyff Courts stay in better condition then regular minipitches • Cruyff Foundation Community Program binds young people to their neigborhood; • The self esteem of young people increases; • Young people show a higher level of ambition; • Young people want to stay active in their community after following the 2 month program. • Over 1000 youngsters trained • Over 150 coaches trained in 2,5 years Source: Mulier Instituut 2009, Source: Erasmus Centre of Strategic Philantropy, 2011
  12. 12. Cruyff Court Feyenoord - Rotterdam Cruyff Court Wesley Sneijder Utrecht Cruyff Court Ajax - Amsterdam Cruyff Court Klaas Jan Huntelaar - Hummelo Cruyff Court Giovanni van Bronckhorst - Rotterdam Cruyff Court Arjen Robben - Bedum
  13. 13. Cruyff Court Bojan Krkic – Mollerussa - Spain Cruyff Court Dennis Bergkamp – London - UK Cruyff Court Gregory van der Wiel - Curaçao Cruyff Court Christian Eriksen –- Denmark Orange Cruyff Court Krakow - Poland Orange Cruyff Court Hillbrow – Johannesburg - South Africa Cruyff Court Ibrahim Affelay – Al Hoceima - Morocco Cruyff Court Tottenham Hotspur – London - UK
  14. 14. “Alone you can’t do anything, you have to do it together!” Johan Cruyff @JCFoundation