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Next Step 2014 presentation by Kalyani Subramanyam from The Naz Foundation India Trust


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Published in: Education
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Next Step 2014 presentation by Kalyani Subramanyam from The Naz Foundation India Trust

  1. 1. 2
  2. 2.  12-20 years of age  Economically Disadvantaged  3-4 Siblings  Municipal School/ Drop Outs  Engaged in Traditional Programs  Early Marriages  Not allowed to make informed choices
  3. 3. Personal Empowerment Social Empowerment C C Young women receive netball and life skills training in small groups for 10 months Talented girls are identified and recruited to become Goal Champions Community Empowerment As a progression from Goal Champions, Goal recruits and trains Community Sport Coaches C Each Goal Champion commits to deliver Goal sessions to new groups of girls Economic Empowerment Goal links the girls with employment options or agencies with offer vocation=al training, helping girls to complete education C
  4. 4. Why Netball - Exclusively a women’s sport - Non contact sport - Team sport – which brings the community together - Requires limited resources
  5. 5. The Curriculum - Be Yourself - Be Healthy - Be Empowered - Be Money Savvy
  6. 6. A Multi-Stakeholder Programme  Community Investment  Prevention of HIV in vulnerable groups  Delivering quality sports programs  Diversity and inclusion  Work with marginalized communities  Building the capacity of individuals and organisations  Women empowerment  Capacity building through training too other organizations  Monitoring & Evaluation
  7. 7.  Body Image  Addressing conflict  Dealing with Peer Pressure  Working as a team  Practicing Leadership  Health & Fitness
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