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Maidan Summit 2011 - Madhumita Das, International Centre for Research on Women


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Ms Madhumita Das started her presentation at Maidan Summit 2011 with the observation that women of this generation realize that sport can help change things for them. She emphasised on the need to have qualified, trained and experienced coaches who would eventually mentor young girls and women in overcoming social taboos and propel a sense of dignity within them.

Through a video-presentation called Parivartan (Hindi: change), she upheld the view that sport is a platform where a lot of exchange takes place, and this exchange could be tapped to drive change. Elaborating on examples from ICRW’s programme, she explained how with proper mentoring, boys and young men, when brought together with girls and young women, agree that the latter should be given equal opportunity in sport. She added that it could change the way they look at masculinity and respect differences.

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Maidan Summit 2011 - Madhumita Das, International Centre for Research on Women

  1. 1. Engaging Coaches to EnhanceGender Equity: Learning from Parivartan Sports & Gender Workshop 2011
  2. 2. Background• Sport can be an important tool for social empowerment• Many program trying to address the issue• integrating women and girls into the athletic sphere remains a challenge in India as well as globally – deeply-rooted expectations about women’s place in society and – challenges and barriers she faces in the sports arena
  3. 3. Why Men? Why Coaches?• Sports• Coaches• Adolescent boys
  4. 4. Attitude Towards Girls & Women• Girls and women don’t loose THEN? •Girls always feel their temper like boys and ashamed to perform men specially in front of boys• Girls need little support to •Boys have force, power perform well in their life and speed than boys •Girls don’t have skills and techniques• Girls are more disciplined •Girls hesitate to share• Girls are simple and shy their feeling
  5. 5. Coaching Girls & Boys be together?• Most of them disagreed and the reason: – If girls are there in the coaching, my boys will loose concentration on the game. – Girls are ashamed to do anything in front of the boys. – This age is very crucial for boys and girls as the change in body takes place which is a problem for us. – If boy plays well, girl’s starts loving him. This becomes a problem as it will become a place where there will be more of all these and less of cricket coaching. – It’s difficult to bring the girls where the senior boys are there. – There are some problems from the society. If boys and girls are together, people take it in a wrong way, even if they are siblings.
  6. 6. What is Parivartan?• The Hindi word for ‘change’• Program model using influential power of coaches to be mentors and role models for young men and boys• Promotes gender equity, respect for women and girls and reduce gender-based violence
  7. 7. Selection of Coaches and Mentors• We recruited 46 coaches & 33 mentors in Mumbai – Card Series – Coaches Handbook – Diary – Banners – Posters, pamphlets, flyers
  8. 8. Changes in Masculine norms 85 69 69 62 46 42 39 23Men & women will There are times Men needs more To be men one never be equal when men needs sex than women needs to be tough to beat his wife Baseline Followup
  9. 9. Moving in the Right Direction 46 23 23 23 4 4 High gender Disapproves Condone violenceequitable attitude controling women against women & girls Baseline Follow-up
  10. 10. Moving in the Right Direction • Majority of coaches and mentors reported that: – Majority of the coaches stated “girls should be given an equal opportunity in sports” – All the coaches are confident in their ability to tell their boys to stop teasing and making derogatory comments towards girls and women. – coaches said they will talk to boys about stopping violence against girls and women.My responsibility is to help boys to become gender sensitive. All these years Iwas hesitant to coach girls in my school but now I have the confidence to do soand I know I have an important role in this entire process (Coach, 26 years)
  11. 11. The Exceptional A trained coach, 60 years of age described the benefit of gender equitable society by bringing both of them at the same platform: – that boys and girls would be able to stay as one (equal). – we would be able to see girls gain excellence in sport. – co-operation: they will be able to lend a hand with each other. This is the most important aspect.• I feel we should always encourage them to play together if we try to separate boy and girl it will be a wrong step. We have to discuss a lot with them about these things. (A coach and science-Maths teacher, 31 years age)
  12. 12. Change Score: High Gender Equitable Attitude 27 26 25 22 12 12 8 7 School CSA School Comparison Community CSA Community Comparison Baseline Follow-up
  13. 13. Change Score: Intention to Intervene 5.56 5.4 5.41 5.35 5.08 5.01 4.87 4.87 School CSA School Comparison Community CSA Community Comparison Baseline Follow-up
  14. 14. Conclusion• Sports is an effective platforms to engage adolescent boys on issues of gender and violence• The positive deviant coaches as role model shows promising effort to change the attitude around norms and enhance safer space for girls and women• Card series sessions was effective in bringing positive shift in attitude, knowledge and self- efficacy towards gender, sexuality and violence• These attitude and self-efficacy are precursors for bringing gender equity and more space for girls and women in our society.
  15. 15. The goal• Organizational Deployment – Leverage sports organizations and hold sensitization workshops – Inclusion of Parivartan training in the coaches’ curriculum – Inclusion of physical education teachers – Bringing women and girls component into it• Scaling Up – Creating a Parivartan component in national sports programs