Next Step 2014 presentation by Arunava Chaudhuri


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Next Step 2014 presentation by Arunava Chaudhuri

  1. 1. Grassroots in Sports & Development Grassroots in Football & Development
  2. 2. Grassroots Football in India Indian football is hoping for a better future then as hosts of the upcoming 2017 FIFA Under-17 World Cup it gives India the much needed push to set its house in order in regard to overall youth development.  But what does this mean for the development of football in India at the grassroots level?  Does this mean better structure in a developmental football pyramid?
  3. 3. Grassroots Football in India   Through the Lakshya 2022 program, the AIFF technical director Rob Baan has created a first-ever roadmap for football development in India with a focus on youth development But the program's main focus is on Elite Players Development from the age group of 12 to 19 years  In a positive, it has lead to the creation of the AIFF Regional Academies & the AIFF Elite Academy for Under-19 boys!
  4. 4. Grassroots Football in India   AIFF grassroots program has been initiated by the federation which it is trying to spread it out across the country But it does not address the issues of grassroots football development in non-registered clubs and organisations  not all state football associations across the country are seeing the need for youth development  further the program currently sees little to no integration of private initiatives into the official federation system
  5. 5. Grassroots Football in India   currently this program is restricted to certain pockets, it isn't inclusive and does not really reach the masses, which should be the aim of all of the AIFF’s initiatives across India. These programs shouldn’t just be about a hand-picked number of boys going through a proper youth development system but rather as many children as possible playing the beautiful game of football with the best filtered through the system from the bottom to the top in a pyramid structure
  6. 6. Grassroots Football in India   India needs a grassroots program which is spread across the length and breadth of the country the country needs a program which goes into schools, football nurseries (training centres, football schools, academies), works with NGOs, children in rural India and areas which are difficult to access then talent knows no boundaries  millions of children (boys/girls), across from 6 to 12 years need to be a part of the program with the best scouted by qualified coaches for further camps at the local, district, state, regional and national level
  7. 7. Grassroots Football in India   This way the development pyramid could take shape, but results should not be expected overnight as development of such a program would need seven to 10 years, if not even more it also should be clear that the above program, if implemented in India would need big financial support and the appropriate manpower to run and implement such a nationwide program  there would be a need for thousands of AFC ‘D’ and ‘C’ licence coaches, who could then run the program.