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Extensive reading


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Extensive reading

  1. 1. The importance of extensivereading for development of language skills Some reasons for the development of the reading habits
  2. 2. Index Why is important reading? Different skills developed: − Comprehension − Vocabulary − Grammar Ideas for the development of reading habits
  3. 3. Why is important reading? Acquiring knowledge (reading for information). Different reading styles: − Skimming − Scanning Learning different features of language (reading for language) That should be the major reason, really! Pleasure
  4. 4. This is just an example…
  5. 5. Comprehension Scanning Looking for exact pieces of information General meaning Skimming Features of each text All are undoubtfully necesary in our daily life and work
  6. 6. Vocabulary Learning in a meaningful way is better than learning by heart Guess the meaning by context Learn words that are not usual in oral speech Better for people with visual memory Use of dictionary: Good practice.
  7. 7. Grammar It is learned in a intuitive way, as readers are exposed to accurate forms of language. Opens doors for more complex language structures. Grammar can also be learned by grammar books. The better you can use grammar, the beter you can explain complex ideas.
  8. 8. Ideas for the deveopment of reading habits  Having a class library  Devoting some time to reading in class  Story telling activities but prepared by pupils  Reading and then speaking about books