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My name Mahmoud abd El Sattar Zidan Nationality Egyptian I'v graduate from Faculty of Commerce, Cairo university,2007 Major:
Accounting Grade: Good
I gain The Full Mark in Financial Accounting.

*Job History :
I was working for BDO khaled & co in Period from 1/4/2008 to
3/7/2011 as an auditor it is Member of BDO inetrnational worldwide
> Some of duties during working in BDO khaled & co
* Evaluation Internal control system
* Obtain Audit evidence
I've certificate in leadership from vodafone
I've successfully completed Certificate of ICDL
* Interpersonal skills

* Ability to analyze, and interpret financial reports.
* Ability to present information to
Top Management


Chess - football - swimming-reading& Internet

* Future Planning
I look forward to take CPA.

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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAECURRICULUM VITAE Personal Information Name : Mahmoud Zidan Address : 17, 68B st, Maadi ,Cairo ,Egypt Phone : 0111/6016765 - (202 ) 23803732 E_mail : mzidan1100 *Education: Degree:Degree: BscBsc Faculty of CommerceFaculty of Commerce,, Cairo universityCairo university,2007,2007 Major:Major: AccountingAccounting I gain The Full Mark in Financial AccountingThe Full Mark in Financial Accounting Grade:Grade: GoodGood •• Work ExperienceWork Experience *Job History :
  2. 2. Period Company Job Title Details 2015 - Now United Food Industries MRG Group Internal Auditor United Food Industries is one company among other companies owned by El Marghany Group. This group started its business since 1964 through working in the metals field, such as iron and aluminum. • Evaluation Internal control system • System narritive & wolkthrough • Obtain Audit evidence 2012 - 2014 UNIVERSE Co Senior Accountant UNIVERSE is a leading company in the field of distributing Data Communication & Networking Components in Egypt, Middle East, and North Africa. Accounts Receivable &Payable Fixed assets & project under construction Preparing Financial statement & Trial balance 2008 - 2011 BDO KHALED &CO Auditor BDO khaled & co is Member of BDO International BDO International is one of the world’s largest professional service firms with a network of over 626 office in 110 countries and some 31,576 personnel worldwide . Some of duties during working in BDO khaled & co • Evaluation Internal control system • Obtain Audit evidence • SRM & Overall report • System narritive & wolkthrough • Planning according to scoop of Audit • Ability to analyze and interpret Financial reports to Top management . • BDO approach Based on three foundamental Materiality, Audit risk, Assertions  Some of Banks that I Practice of Audit: • NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPT BDO khaled &co was honored to be appointed by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) collectively with the National Bank of Egypt (NBE),in order to conduct one of the most comprehensive assignments involving a full due diligence on the NBE ,which is the largest bank in the Middle East, having approximately 315 branches and offices. The full report submitted to the CBE and NBE received great appreciation from the Top officials/Management . • National Bank Development (NBD) • National Investment Bank (NIB) • Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) Selection of clients served by our Firm : Good News group (4me-advertising-International-Radio&tv-coffe&mall-United Journalist) DELTA PHARMA one of the most famous pharmaceutical& chemicals co. Setcore Group (Setcore spinning ,Setcore petroleum ,Nasco for Trading co) El-malkia The owner company to solymar abo Dahab Hotel Enjoy ,Beltone Financial, Bericap, Damac group, Nasr city for housing &Development Al Naeem For realestate DIB- Egypt limited liability (Dongil-group) Misr for central depositry clearance (MCDR ) Al tawfek Mortage comapny Computer Skills  I have successfully completed Certificate of ICDL  Experience in using a computerized accounting package such as Oracle ERP sys. Language Skills  I have certified of AUC in English Final Grade: A General Studies  I've a certificate from Faculty of Economic and Political Science in Malaysian studies IFRS  Diploma in International Financial Reporting standard I'm studying it Now Leadership * I’ve certificate in leadership from Vodafone Time Management, The power of teams, Emotional Intelligence .
  3. 3. *0*0 Career – Related ExperienceCareer – Related Experience I have attended lectures of the following contents: * The Egyptian accounting standards and its practical applications. * I have knowledge about Accounting cycle. *Ability to analyze, and interpret financial reports. *Ability to present information to Top Management •• Interpersonal skillsInterpersonal skills • Teamwork To achieve High quality and performance • Analytical approach in problems solving. • Ability to work under Pressure. • Learn very fast and work hard. • Excellent communication and personnel management skills. • Ability to motivate people with a very good way. •• HOBBIESHOBBIES Chess – football – swimming-reading& Internet *Personal Data: Nationality Egyptian Language English & French . Marital Status Single. Military Service Exempted. Date of Birth 12/3/1985 Place of Birth Cairo. *0*0Future PlanningFuture Planning I look forward to take CPA.