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  2. 2.  Team Lab Space (TLS) is the only tool you need to manage your project, your tasks and your team. Keep track of important information, visualize your progress and collaborate effectively - anywhere & anytime. TLS gives you effective project management with zero hassle and full-throttle hustle. TLS takes care of the nuts and bolts of project management for you, so you can focus on the big picture. Login to your team space to share files, chat with teammates, assign tasks, and generate reports on your progress. Access all this information from your desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet. We’re accessible everywhere, so you’re always connected and never out of the loop. Sign up for a Team Lab Space account now and begin working instantly!
  3. 3. Why TLS ?Easy• Friendly user GUIMultilingual• Supports more than 26 language to manage your projects with international clientsMulti platforms• Web based• Desktop application : Windows• Tablet application : IPad• Mobile application : Iphone, Android
  4. 4. ResourceCollaboration Management TLS Project Online SupportManagement
  5. 5. Collaborate • let you view all clients and current projects, and gives quick access to Dashboards multiple areas such as reports and risk analysesTeam Calendars and Timelines • display project timelines and schedules that can be accessed by teams and individuals • which lets the project management software integrate with Microsoft Email Integration Outlook or other similar email programs MS Integration • Integrated with Microsoft project format • lets you view updated stats and information on your project without Desktop Application actually logging into the online project management service Chat • Lets you communicate with other team members • lets you continually receive updated information, news RSS Feed headlines, blogs and podcasts Integrated with social media • Facebook, twitter, linkedin
  6. 6. Manage your Resources Resource Details •let you add contact information, and attach documents and resumes to individual resources. Skill Sets •let you input the strengths and weaknesses of each team or individual member in order to better match tasks to skills.Materials/Supplies •Manage your materials through tracking system and alerts.Check In/Check Out •Keep track of key materials and objects so you know where human and material resources are at any given time. Import Resources •Imports your list of employees or materials directly into the online project management service. Costs •Calculate or add costs to your resources, whether theyre material resources or human resources. Resource Notes •Add notes about each resource. Groups •Create groups for multiple resources, which let you assign permissions to certain groups and not only user by user . Capacity Planner •lets you plan multiple projects while keeping all resources equally balanced and usable without overloading their workloads or over-booking their schedules.
  7. 7. Manage your TasksTask Feedback • Task feedback lets those working on a specific task give feedback to the project manager. Recurring • Recurring tasks let you create tasks that occur regularly at the same time (such as weekly Tasks meetings or regular maintenance).
  8. 8. Manage your schedule Calendars • Shows projects and tasks in a calendar layout. Time Lines • Schedule timelines for tasks, milestones, sub-projects, projects and resources. Events • Project milestones by plotting them on a calendar. • A graph of a task duration against the progression of time. Gantt charts let Gantt Charts you assess how long a project should take, lay out the order in which tasks need to be carried out and help manage the dependencies between tasks.Interactive Gantt • Gantt charts that let you manipulate and update the data directly on the chart, rather than going back to the task list and entering the information Charts manually.
  9. 9. Reports Statistics •Reports on which tasks are finished, overall project progress and such. Work Load •Measures individual and group task assignments and evaluates how best to effectively manage projects. Financials •The project’s cost, time, resources, materials and so on. •Managing documents and other information pertinent to the successful completion of theDocument Management project. Document management also involves the indexing, storage and retrieval of documents in an organized method. Budgeting •The capability to add a budget to your project and manage it. •Work scheduling where all major jobs are laid out in a diagram to show the proper sequence Critical Path Method of work and the necessary time required for each. This provides a visual indication of which operations are most critical. Project Templates •Pre-built programs that already include generic information.
  10. 10. Reports Scope • Define the overall theme of the project, as well as its goal and purpose. • Usually preplanned events where certain planned deliverables are provided. Milestones Milestones are used to organize the planning of long-term projects into smaller time intervals and to monitor the overall progress of the project. Baseline • The completed project plan, which allows you to judge your actual progress against a defined point. • Analyze the risks and benefits of assigned tasks and milestones, making sureRisk/Benefit Analyzer that no one resource is overloaded with tasks while another is under-booked, which leads to successful project completion. Automatic • Automatic notifications email project managers continual updates regarding the project’s progress, letting them know the current status of a project Notifications without having to log into the online project management program. Privacy Settings • Privacy settings let different managers, users and clients view only what they need to see within the online project management program.
  11. 11. Our Support • Faqs, How To , software Help and Onlineknowledge Base forum Email us • 24-hour email support Call us • 10 am till 6 PM daily Online chat • Chat with our technical support center • Online tutorials and demos that learn youVideo tutorials how to use our software
  12. 12. Sign Up now free: for one user and 2MB of storage. $1.99 : for one user and 50MB of storage space . $15 : for 500 MB of storage space and 10 team members?