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Mamoud Maani_CV

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Mamoud Maani_CV

  1. 1. Mahmoud Ma’ani Mechcanical Engineer Hvac & Plumping General Mechanical Engineering Dubai, United Arab Emirates +971 569098591 +970599312278 Date of Birth: 05/09/1989 Nationality: Jordanian Academic Qualifications High School (2007-2008) Grade Achieved :Very Excellent B.A. Mechanical Engineering Najah National University (09/2007-05/2012) Nablus, Palestine Grade Achieved :Very Good Graduation Project: In oil pipe lines safety field pipe line inspection report. Car license Emirates driving license valid up to 31.10.26 Palestinian license valid up to 15.11.2017 Profile • A dedicated, innovative, creative mechanical engineer with + 4 years’ experience in construction . looking for new challenges and experiences in the mechanical field. • Great Analytical skills in technical issues, adaptable to work in hard environments, and maintain strong professional relationships with the project teams. • Support the project execution to possessing significant records of achievement and the ability to quickly understand the mission, vision and values of the organization. Work Experiences Al-Arz Ice Cream Company Ltd : ( From May 2012 – July 2012) Position : • Mechanical Engineer. •Technical and supervising engineer at technical department. • Submittal of weekly , monthly reports to consultant with progress. Home Engineering Design Consultative : ( From Jan 2013 –Aug 2014) Position : • General mechanical office design drawings engineer , mechanical schedule , time frames , submittal of weekly and monthly reports to consultant concerning work progress. •Study and development of working and shop drawings internship site , designer and supervising engineer. •Reading and analyzing technical project drawings , specifications developing materials reports for estimation and tendering. •Prepare shop drawings , coordination drawings and as built drawings. •Designing and executing Hvac system , designing and executing demotic water and drainage system. • Mechanical equipments selection Hvac and plumping. • Generate material technical submittal to the consultant and supervisor on all mechanical works. • Orchards complex project and residential buildings and villas. Emirates Falcon Electromechanical Company - EFECO : ( From Aug 2014 –Present) Position : • Mechanical site engineer. • following material submitting and site installation of the mechanical services in the projects. • following all related activities of a project from the start to the end of the project. • Controlling and following all related items for Hvac and plumping.
  2. 2. IT Skills Microsoft Office AutoCAD Primavera (Project Management) Internet skills (browsing , searching) Mechanical Desktop Excellent Skills Fast learner Ability to work individually or with group Ability to produce reports and presentations Communications skills Languages Arabic (Native). English (very good). Relevant Course works Engineering Economics Engineering management Hydraulic , pneumatic system course. Heating , ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Engineering materials and machine design. Fluids mechanics. and numerical analysis for engineering. Building mechanical system design. Operation management course. Projects: Jumierah Park – 134Villas Project : (Aug 2014 –Jan 2015) • Ac design and installation. •Water supply and drainage installation. •Ventilations ducting system and exhaust fans for ventilations. • Poster water pumps installation. • Heat water exchangers installation and solar system installation. •Fire fighting installation. •Follow up testing and commissioning and snaking for all mechanical works. • Following all types of inspections for all mechanical systems. Ruwais Housing Complex Expansion Project – 663Villas : (Feb 2015–Present) •Take off quantity of materials that related to all mechanical systems including (drainage system , water supply , fire fighting , sng gas system , air conditioning , ac ducts) • Ac design and installation. • Fan coil unit ( fcu ) installation and refrigeration pipes system. •Variable refrigeration volume system and air handling unit installation. •Water supply and drainage system installation. •Water heater and solar system installation. • Following all related activities of a project from start to end. • Following all types of inspections for all mechanical systems. Course PracticalTraining •Internship as site engineer in moqata’a project with bait alhandse company for consulting engineering. •Internship as Hvac engineer with mansour company . • AutoCAD training course at the korean palestinian it center . •Training in operation management with united company for car trading. •programmable logic controller PLC training course at hisham hijjawi of technology. •Be ready to start work course and communication skills at an-najah alumni unit. •English language skills course in an-najah engineering communication center. • Do full mechanical design system (cooling , air conditioning , drinking water , sanitation system and fire fighting system ) • Course in air conditioning , heating , ventilating , and plumping systems design.
  3. 3. Qualifications • Review HVAC drawing with technical department to improve the design, and install the system with compliance with ASHREA standards and local authorities. • Contact suppliers to reach the best price according to the project requirements and budget, then preparing comparison sheet, to make easy selection to procurement manager. •Tendering the project take-off materials with estimation department and evaluatedaccording to their life cycle analysis, thereby providing a comparison of the materials. References Available Upon request


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